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Police Cams

Police Cams

Vimel Police Body Video Recorders 1080P Full HD Video Quality

Police body worn cameras is a body-worn video recorder cameras for law enforcement supporting true Full HD 1080p video. With ultra wide degrees lens,  it can capture more. They can record over 6 hours on a single charge. With one button recording(Recording Button).Vimel body cam has 3 ways to tell user the status when camera starts or stops recording, namely, audible, visual, tactile vibration.

Night Vision Recording

Vimel body cam features infrared Lights for lowlight or night-time situations. The switch to activate the night vision LEDs is located at the side of the unit making it easy to operate. Vimel body cam allows user to take photos in Night Vision mode.

Audio / Voice Recorder

Vimel body cam, police camera(police body camera) can also be used as a voice recorder when necessary.

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