4G Real Time GPS Tracker 6000mAh Magnetic Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking

4G Real Time GPS Tracker 6000mAh Magnetic Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking

VIMEL 4G GPS Tracker Anti-Theft Vehicle Device - Long Stand-by Time 6000mAH Battery

This latest wireless GPS tracker model is much more advanced than its predecessors, with updated hardware and software working to keep your vehicle tracked full-time anywhere. Your vehicle is an essential property that you may leave unguarded all day whether it’s parked or stored outside where you cannot keep an eye out which is exactly why your vehicle needs a companion such as this tracker to keep it guarded with a serious security system of GPS location. The amazing factor about this tracker is the multi functional factor of being able to be used for any vehicle you need whether it’s your personal car, truck, van or even a public transport.

Remotely Access and Monitor using Wireless 4G Network Connection.

The GPS tracker would not be ideal without its primary feature of being 100% wireless and remotely accessible by your mobile phone. Your mobile phone acts as a primary tool for monitoring the activity but also operating this GPS tracker distantly anywhere and anytime, either dialing SMS commands or using a free application that you can downloads on either Android or iOS Mobile ports.

Over-speed, Low-Battery and Drop Alarm System

The tracker has several alert features that take place in real-time to help you be notified over any suspicious activities that occur such as theft or your car being moved somewhere else, which is all the basic GPS alerts that everyone wants for their trackers, but all the advanced features come in to play with security measures. The Over-speed is sure handy for anyone that uses your vehicle that you cannot trust, Low-Battery Alert as the name says, notifies you over the tracker having low percentage of power left and finally the alarm feature that any magnetic tracker needs, the Drop Alarm system that works of the blue button on the tracker , once it disconnects or dismounts with the device it will notify you through your mobile phone.

Geo-Fence Functionality

Geo-Fence features functions as a security measure, once the vehicle has entered or left a selected district whether it’s your home, parking lot or a building the alarm system activates and alerts you.

Large Built-in 6,000mAH Battery

This tracker has enough battery capacity to last for over two months, with up to 72 days of stand-by time keeping it off until it needs to get back in to work in tracking a vehicle.


  • Cars / Motorcycles
  • Trucks / Vans / Caravans
  • Yacht Vessel tracking
  • Public Transport - Work Related
  • Shipping Containers

DATA SIM card Support:

  • TELSTRA | Aldi | BELONG | Woolworths
  • Any other SIM card in any country


  • Delivers Accurate Real Time Global Location using GPS Cellular Network
  • Vehicle Anti-Theft Tracker
  • Full 4G Support with 3G Backwards Compatibility
  • Free Monitoring APP for Android, iPhone, PC/MAC
  • Free Lifetime Subscription without any fees
  • Internet Website account Tracking
  • Location by SMS
  • Location by Google Hyperlink
  • Send commands via SMS to receive information about the GPS device - Details of the Location via Google Maps Link
  • Up to 240 Days in Sleep mode on built-in battery
  • Up to 120 Days Battery of Standby mode on built-in battery
  • Vibration Alerts from Movement by SMS
  • Alert Features - Overspeed / Low-Battery and Drop Alert
  • Motion Sensor - Sends SMS / Calls to your master number once movement / vibration is detected
  • Geo Fence Feature - Set the radius (from 1 – 99 km) bubble around the device.
  • Track more than one GPS Device - All Registered to your master number
  • Continuous Alert Operation
  • Waterproof IP67 Level and Dust-Proof Structure
  • Industrial Built-in Magnetic - Securely Held
  • Multi-Controller


  • 4G Support  LTE-FDD:B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 B8 B28 
  • 3G WCDMA B1 B2 B5 B8
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Position Accuracy: <5m
  • Cold start: <27s
  • Warm Start: <5s
  • Hot Start: 1s
  • Power: Rechargeable 6000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery


  • 1 x GPS Tracker
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x User Guide / Manual

GPS Trackers
Free SubscriptionYes
3G GPS supportSupport Telstra, Aldi, Belong, Optus, Vodafone and others
Remote ListeningYes
Motion AlertYes
Drop alarmYes
waterproof caseYes
GEO FenceYes

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