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Hardwired Kit OBD2 multiple purpose Hardwired Kit OBD2 multiple purpose
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OBD2 Hardwired Kit for Dash Cameras, GPS trackers If you are looking for something to get a dash cam hardwired kit then you should check out the: ]HARDWIRE-ODB2. This allows you to connect your GPS trackers and dash cameras to your motorcycle or other vehicles that you may be driving. It connects..
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Vimel Wireless Personal GPS Kids & Elderly Tracking Device Personal trackers are the best security gadgets out there for you personally keep at all times, keeping track of your location full time by constantly monitoring the global positioning of the tracker by combining GPS and GLONASS t..
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Vimel Wireless Portable GPS Dog Tracking Device There is no such perfect pet tracker as this one for your dear pet, it has all the capabilities you need to keep track of your dog using GPS function, providing an accurate the global position of your pet with this model unlike before by combining G..
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Vimel 4G LIVE Personal GPS Tracker for Kids & Elderly This is a one of a kind personal GPS tracker that holds the ability to monitor and guard the carrier of the tracker. The Vimel GPS tracker has the latest technology that monitors the person efficiently, letting you know once there are a..
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 Anything that can be remotely controlled with your telephone is a great device. It is a nice feature especially if you are using GPS trackers. They can become incredibly expensive to run if you have to use one with a SIM card and a plan. A satellite tracker with both 3G and gsm networks is a gr..
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Vimel 4G GPS Real-Time Tracker - ACC Hardwired There is no such capable GPS tracker device that prevents theft, except for this Vimel GPS tracker. This model is the tracker that uses unique security features that keep any land vehicle safe when it is connected. The tracker, just like any..
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Vimel 4G LIVE Personal GPS Tracker for Kids & Elderly This is Vimel GPS tracker that any person needs to help them stay safe during their walks, especially children and the elderly. The tracker has all the features you need to monitor their route remotely. Real-Time GPS Tracking using 4G /..
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Vimel 4G OBD2 GPS Tracker - Remote ListeningIf you're looking for a really good GPS tracker check out Vimel 4G GPS OBD2 Tracker. This is one of the newest of the 4G and backward 3-g GPS trackers. it has support for the GPS 4G. It's an OBD2 GPS tracker. You don't have to pay anything to use it once y..
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Vimel GPS watch for personal usage with WIFI and GPS support The real time tracking is a guaranteed feature that uses the 4G network and 3G Backwards compatibility with the access of a Sim Card inserted inside the device, guaranteed full time surveillance over the individual, LIVE tracking wil..
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VIMEL 4G Real-Time GPS Tracker Remote Monitoring Anti-Theft Vehicle GPS trackers are exactly what your vehicle needs, as they’re a perfect companion for vehicle security. What makes this model so unique is the many useful features it packs staying in the longest standby time for it..
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Vimel 3G GPS Tracker Waterproof with magnet and WIFI Fence with micro SD card recording supportExtra Feature - Remote-Live Voice monitoring Vimel GPS Tracker supports Telstra/Aldi/Optus /Vodafone and works in any country The VIM-3GPS-102-WIFI Anti-theft deterrent GPS tracking device from Au..
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The most professional portable 4G GPS tracker  with WIFI supportThis compact GPS tracker has been made for all users who need tracking whether you are working, travelling, have elderly parents or even have kids who need surveillance, this tracker has you covered in all the areas. The lightwe..
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