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Vimel Dual Dash Camera Night Vision - 24/7 Security Parking Mode Vimel VIM-LUXX4K is a dash camera that continuously works 24/7, monitoring your vehicle using time-lapse and collision sensors. The dash camera has various measures to capture the evidence caused by road incidents and col..
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Vimel Dual Dash Camera with Extra High Video Resolution, WIFI and GPS functions.Sony Starvis Image sensor The VIM-DASHK2S is a unique a model that has just the right amount of perfection in terms of features, it essentially has all the features necessary for it to withstand any environment esp..
Ex Tax:$308.18
Vimel Dual Dash Camera with Extra High Video Resolution, WIFI and GPS functions. Using WIFI connection you will be able to LIVE stream away from your car, you may go out shopping but once the G-Sensor detects any impact or vandalism you will be instantly notified, watch over a person or even a..
Ex Tax:$144.55
Dual Dash Camera Night Vision - ULTRA HD 4K VIM-DLUXX4K is the reliable road companion your car needs, helping you capture the on-road footage you need for entertainment and evidence use. This model has security features packed in to help you provide the evidence for potential road acci..
Ex Tax:$108.18
Vimel Dual Dash Camera with OBD2 and Super Capacitor Vehicle surveillance is an essential factor to our car and there are moments when we don’t expect incidents or problems from occurring to that car. The VIM-DUALBIKE model is the dash camera you need to cover the road for you from evidence to..
Ex Tax:$304.55
Vimel Dual Motorbike with Extra High Video Resolution, WIFI and GPS Tracking This VIMEL motorbike camera is the ideal device you want by your side during your road trips, easy compatible and portable for all sorts of motor vehicles. The ideal factor comes from the features it packs to help you ..
Ex Tax:$281.82
Vimel Dual Motorbike Camera WIFI - Super Capacitor Your motorbike could benefit from this professional motorbike camera model that operates in all sorts of road conditions and harsh environments, capturing the road from both the front and the back, producing the highest quality footage from two ..
Ex Tax:$235.45
Vimel  Powerbank Voice Recorder has everything you need to record audio on the go without bringing attention to yourself. It looks and works just like a portable smartphone charger, so you can use it almost anywhere without making a scene. It’s perfect for recording voices and conversations..
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Professional WIFI Binoculars Camera with 36X Optical Zoom The newest high-end binoculars are out, offering you the flexibility to view objects and animals from the longest distance whilst maintaining the clarity and vision you want. Record videos and capture photos with these binoculars durin..
Ex Tax:$1,271.82
Vimel 4G Construction PTZ WIFI 5MP 30X Camera - Solar PoweredThis camera is exactly what you need to solve the security problems from your home. The camera holds security features that expand its efficient property at protecting your home, giving you advanced hardware that enhances the footage th..
Ex Tax:$2,077.27
Professional Wireless WIFI Spy Smoke Detector Camera with long Battery Life The VIMEL smoke detector is amongst the most advanced high tech gadgets on this market that completely maintain their secrecy and discreetness in any indoor building, average security camera’s lack the most valuable fa..
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Vimel Hidden Mini Camera PIR Sensor The mini spy camera is a portable device that you can carry and wear-anywhere with discretion. This camera is perfect for recording all kinds of evidence and proof of any shady situations. This device guarantees high-quality recording with spy-like technology that..
Ex Tax:$117.27
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