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WIRELESS HOME WIFI Security Cameras NVR System When it comes to security you need the best of the best, having everything you need to keep your property safe by a reliable security system. Network Video Recording provides the convenience to have the whole angle over your property in terms of cam..
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VIMEL IP Alarm System PIR SENSORThis sensor is a perfect addition to the VIM-4GALARM system, giving your home the security around the whole base, leaving no weak entry points for your home. The sensor operates perfectly anywhere in indoor and outside areas including balconies, using dual sensors tha..
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VIMEL WIFI Security Camera System - Human Detection This is a brand new VIMEL security system that can be remotely operated with ease using the WIFI network. The four cameras work together and report back to you once an intruder has been caught on sight. Using the base station allows the came..
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Vimel 4G Flood Light Security PTZ Solar Powered Camera The Vimel VIM-4GSOL3 model is a remotely operated camera that offers security 24/7 in your property. The camera packs a range of security features that camera all the basis of protecting your home and alerting you in the process. It ..
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VIMEL 4G GPS Track Real-Time Tracking Anti-Theft Vehicle - Long Stand-by Time 10000mAH Battery GPS Trackers are the type of security gadgets you need to keep an eye on both the driver and the vehicle, they are great from how they operate and notify you over any issues relating to travel..
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Vimel 4G Cam - a wildlife surveillance   In this competitive world, people don’t have enough time to do their basic works. After purchasing a product from online, they have to assemble it. But most people don’t like to assemble that product with coolness. Such people can use this Vimel..
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GSM Listening Device Remote Monitoring Recorder microSD GSM Listening Device Remote Monitoring Recorder microSD
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3G Listening Device with micro SD card Recording equipped  with strong magent Vimel Remote Voice Recorder/Listening  supports 3G Telstra/Aldi/Belong/Optus /Vodafone and works in any country The technology used in mobile phones to upload recordings is used in the GSM listening devices...
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Vimel Voice Recorder looks like ordinary powerbank but has voice recording function Hidden voice recorder spy activated long battery life Power banks are comprised of a special battery with a special circuit to control power flow. They allow the user to store electrical energy and recharge..
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Vimel Ultimate Small Hidden Voice Recorder with voice activation function Mini voice recorder for car            The Vimel Ultimate mini hidden voice recorder, which comes with voice activation function, as well as have an exceptional quality bra..
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Ultimate Hidden Voice Recorder           The power bank is a perfect belter of a digital voice recorder, which it is a great surveillance design, massive standby, and exceptional quality build, as well as recording times. It is sure to inspire most d..
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Vimel Voice Recorder looks like ordinary powerbank but has voice recording function Powerbank includes a secret sound activated voice recorder, which is capable of recording for 180 hours in continuous mode, as well as 60 days(2 months) in voice-activated mode.       ..
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Vimel Wireless WIFI PTZ Security Camera - Powered by a Solar Panel The Vimel wireless security camera is the perfect home monitoring device that records your property. It records all kinds of activities and trespassers that enter your home, using surveillance sensors and functions that help t..
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