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Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home

Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home
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WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera with Night Vision

The world of surveillance technology is constantly advancing, and one of the most innovative and sophisticated devices available is the WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera with Night Vision. This device goes beyond the capabilities of traditional nanny cameras, offering unparalleled versatility. It is not just a nanny cam, but also a secret and hidden spy camera, all in a compact and discreet design.

With advanced night vision capabilities, this device can capture high-quality footage even in the darkest environments. Its small size and discreet design make it perfect for covert surveillance, while WiFi connectivity allows for remote viewing and control from anywhere in the world. This multifaceted nature makes it an invaluable tool for parents, homeowners, and business owners, providing peace of mind and security in a constantly changing world.

Wireless Connectivity Unleashed

Integrating mini WiFi camera capabilities has brought connectivity and control to a whole new level. This mini spy camera provides the convenience of wireless connectivity, and its real-time monitoring and control features make it a dynamic tool for various purposes.

Whether you want to secure your home or remotely monitor your vehicle, the live streaming feature ensures that you remain connected to your surroundings. With this camera, you can have a vigilant eye on your property even when you are miles away.

Thanks to its compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, you can easily control and access the camera's footage from your smartphone or tablet. This mini spy camera will keep you connected to your home or vehicle and give you peace of mind wherever you are.

Enhancing Efficiency and Security

The surveillance camera being discussed here has a unique feature that distinguishes it from other cameras: its advanced motion detection technology. This technology operates in a way that serves two purposes simultaneously. Firstly, it helps to conserve battery life, thus making the camera energy-efficient. Secondly, it enhances security by identifying any movement within its range and activating video recording only in response to detected motion.

The camera's motion detection feature is not limited to recording, as it also functions as an advanced alarm system. This means the camera will promptly notify you through an alert when it detects any suspicious activity. With this proactive security measure in place, you can be sure of always being informed, whether you are securing your home or monitoring a designated area.

In summary, this surveillance camera is an excellent investment for anyone looking to increase security around their home or business premises. The motion detection technology it employs is sophisticated and energy-efficient, making it a reliable and cost-effective option. Additionally, the camera's advanced alarm system ensures that any suspicious activity is detected and reported promptly, allowing you to take appropriate action to safeguard your property.

Wireless Spy Camera with Night Vision for Car Home

Beyond Security

The WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera is a versatile device that serves not only as a security camera but also as a nanny cam. It enables you to monitor activities discreetly within your home, which makes it an ideal choice for keeping a watchful eye on nurseries or play areas.

Thanks to its hidden design and inconspicuous appearance, this wifi spy camera can blend seamlessly with everyday items, ensuring an unobtrusive presence. You can be sure that it will remain unnoticed, allowing you to observe without altering the natural environment.

The discreet design of the camera guarantees that it won't attract unwanted attention or arouse any suspicion, making it an excellent option for anyone who wants to monitor their home discreetly. Whether you're looking to keep tabs on your nanny or babysitter or just want to ensure that your child is safe while you're away, the WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera offers an effective solution.

With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the camera is a reliable tool for keeping your home and family safe and secure.

Night Vision Feature

The Night Vision feature of your camera is intended to enhance its functionality in low-light and night-time conditions. This feature allows your camera to capture high-quality footage, ensuring an uninterrupted surveillance experience even in low light. The Night Vision function employs infrared technology, which enables it to see in the dark. This means that the camera can capture images of movements and actions that would otherwise be impossible to see without this feature.

In addition, the spy camera comes with audio capability that takes surveillance to the next level. With this feature, you can monitor your surroundings both visually and audibly. The audio capability enables you to listen to and record conversations, sounds, and other audio activities, providing a more comprehensive approach to security.

The audio feature is handy in situations where visual surveillance is limited, such as when the camera is hidden in a discreet location. With audio, you can still capture valuable information even when the camera is not visible. In summary, the combination of Night Vision and audio capability provides a more immersive and detailed surveillance experience, making it an ideal tool for monitoring and securing your property or premises.

Crystal-Clear Video Recording

The WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera is a highly reliable and efficient video recording device that offers exceptional solutions for security and surveillance. This hidden camera is equipped with advanced features and capabilities that make it an ideal choice for capturing every detail of the monitored area.

One of the key highlights of this spy camera is its ability to record high-definition videos, delivering crystal-clear and detailed footage with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080p. This ensures that every aspect of the monitored space is captured, making it easier to detect any suspicious activity or unauthorised access.

The strategic design of the hidden camera allows for optimal placement, enhancing its effectiveness for both security and surveillance purposes. Whether you need to monitor your home, office, or any other space, this spy camera is an excellent choice for ensuring that you have a reliable and effective surveillance solution in place.

Seamless Integration

The WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera is a high-tech surveillance device that delivers exceptional performance and features a sleek and compact design that makes it almost impossible to detect. The camera has been thoughtfully designed to blend seamlessly with regular household objects, making it an excellent option for discreet placement in a variety of environments.

Its unobtrusive appearance allows it to go unnoticed, making it an ideal option for those who value subtlety in their surveillance efforts. With its sophisticated features and clever design, the WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera is an excellent investment for anyone looking to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings without drawing unwanted attention.

Connectivity Unleashed

The integration of wireless connectivity sets this spy camera apart, enabling users to connect effortlessly via WiFi using their Android or iOS devices. This feature facilitates convenient control and allows live streaming, providing real-time access to the camera feed. Whether you are concerned about home security or monitoring your vehicle remotely, this wireless capability enhances the overall accessibility and functionality of the device.

Efficient Motion Detection

The motion detection feature further enhances the efficiency of the WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera. By activating video recording only when motion is detected, the camera conserves battery life and ensures that users receive alerts for relevant events. This intelligent motion detection system acts as a proactive security measure, alerting you to potential intruders or unusual activities in real time.

Enhanced Vision in the Dark

Additionally, the Night Vision capability of this spy camera extends its surveillance capabilities into low-light conditions and the darkness of night. This feature ensures that the camera captures clear and detailed footage even when ambient lighting is minimal, providing continuous and reliable surveillance around the clock. The spy camera with audio takes the surveillance experience a step further by enabling users not only to see but also hear what is happening in their surroundings, adding an auditory dimension to security monitoring.

High-Definition Excellence

The video recording quality of the WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera is exceptional, offering a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080p. This high-definition video recording ensures that every detail is captured with sharpness and clarity, providing users with reliable and non-distorted footage. Whether you are utilising the camera for security purposes or simply keeping an eye on your surroundings, the superior video quality enhances the overall effectiveness of the device.

Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

The WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera with Night Vision stands as a comprehensive and advanced solution for individuals seeking discreet yet powerful surveillance. Its versatile functionality and features such as wireless connectivity, motion detection, Night Vision, and high-definition video recording, make it an ideal choice for various security and monitoring applications.

Investing in this spy camera means not only elevating your security measures but also experiencing peace of mind through cutting-edge surveillance technology that seamlessly integrates into your daily life. Whether you are securing your home, monitoring your vehicle, or simply keeping an eye on your surroundings, the WiFi Pin Hole Spy Camera with Night Vision delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.


  • Wireless Connection
  • Ability to record at night with low light conditions
  • Sony Starvis Image Sensor with the ability to record at night in low light conditions
  • Watch wireless and download videos on your phone with the Android | iOS APP
  • Hidden type
  • Nanny Cam
  • Car security camera
  • Video + Audio REC
  • Flexible Cable
  • Motion activated recording
  • Records up 4 hours continuously with built-in battery
  • Works 24/7 with included DC power adapter
  • It can be powered up with power bank ( sold as an accessory ) to record up to 24 hours continuously
  • It can be embedded in any object


  • 1920x1080P Full HD
  • 12Mpx Photo resolution
  • micro SD card support up to 128GB ( not included)
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-battery 
  • View angle 90°
  • OS support: Windows 7, 8,10 / Mac OS X
  • OS support: Android/iOS
  • Power consumption 300MA/3.7V
  • Recording 1 minute/ around 18 MB
What in the box:
  • Camera
  • USB cable
  • Manual 

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