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Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter

Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
Soeks Quantum Dosimeter Geiger Counter
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  • Weight: 450.00g
  • Dimensions: 18.00cm x 18.00cm x 6.00cm
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Soeks Quantum Radiation Dosimeter

The lightweight Quantum is the best option for determining the accuracy, speed, and volume of data, making it an excellent choice for professionals or home use. If you want to become a professional, use the SOEKS Quantum.

The dual Geiger-Muller Tubes and processor of Quantum deliver pro-functionality, enabling it to provide ultra-precise readings for 700 hours. Users can also set personal settings for alerts and saving methods.

Not only is Quantum used by safety and security specialists, but it is also used in homes due to its dual functions of the Geiger-Muller Tube, providing accurate readings for up to 700 hours.

For professionals and pro-enthusiasts, the dosimeter measures the emission of gamma and beta rays, allowing them to find the actual place of radioactivity or the contamination of things like scrap metal, stones, building materials, banknotes, or antiques. You can also personalize the data by setting alert thresholds, saving it in the memory, and storing it for up to 3 years. The device has a rechargeable battery and a mini-USB pin for charging.

SOEKS Quantum is a professional dosimeter that uses colour and sound indications to determine environmental radiations. It records the measurements in memory and allows easy data transfer to your computer. With the SOEKS device manager programs, professionals and naive users can comfortably update the software. This device is popular among professionals and can also be used by public services, such as state emergency services, banks, and nuclear power plants, and in everyday life for checking homes, garden plots, and construction materials.

Key features:

  • Heightened accuracy of measurement via two Geiger–Muller counters
  • Measurement of accumulated radiation dose for over 3 years
  • Background radiation measurement history over the course of several days
  • Direct data transfer to Windows and Mac OS via USB
  • The most powerful processor of dosimeters
  • Quick measurement in less than 10 seconds
  • Increased battery life up to 700 hours
  • Firmware update via the Internet
  • New body design
  • New graphical interface
  • 2 sensors SBM-20-01, high-precision measurements;
  • Battery life up to 90 hours;
  • The measurement time up to 9 seconds;
  • The several day history of background radiation measurements;
  • Setting-out the thresholds of background radiation and the cumulative dose;
  • Audible indication;
  • Calendar, alarm clock;
  • Modern design and user-friendly interface;
  • The ability to self-update the software via the Internet;
  • 1 year warranty (with quick-change device in case of breakage);
  • Service life of a device at least 7 years.

Radiation measurement:

The Soeks Quantum Geiger Counter measures the cumulative radiation dose and assesses the radioactivity level of any item. It can detect objects, food items, and construction materials contaminated with radioactive elements. The Soeks Quantum Radiation Detector gauges radioactivity levels quickly based on ion radiation intensity (gamma and beta particle stream) and x-ray radiation levels. The device displays exact background radiation levels in μSv/h along with a message describing the background radiation level.

  • Normal Background Radiation
  • High Background Radiation
  • Dangerous Background Radiation.

Household radiation detectors face a significant problem with their radioactive sensors. Manufacturers made the sensors in the 80s after the Chornobyl disaster. As the sensors are becoming outdated, Soeks Radiation Detectors provide much more accuracy and come equipped with up-to-date sensors.

Soeks Geiger Counters / Radiation Detectors surpass other household radiation dosimeters in performance and precision. They are highly acknowledged for their exceptional accuracy, displaying exposure dosage ranging from 5 to 100,000 μR/h, while typical radiation detectors only range from 5 to 1,000 μR/h. The Soeks Geiger Counter is the only device with a colour display and graphical representation of measurements. It has a hi-tech design, is lightweight, compact, and can be charged via USB.



Geiger Muller tube

2 x SBM-20-01

Range of indicated background radiation level, μSv / h

up to 1,000

Measurement of cumulative dose, Sv

up to 1,000

Dose accumulation time, days

up to 999

Background radiation measurement history storage

24 hours with 10 second intervals

Registered radiation energy, MeV

from 0.1

Types of radiation measured

Gamma radiation

Beta radiation


Measurement time, seconds

up to 10

Measurement display

graphic data presentation

Operating temperature range, oC

from -20 to +60


Rechargeable batteries or AAA batteries

Overall dimensions height x width x thickness, mm.


Products weight (minus batteries), gr.



Color TFT, 128x160

Time of continuous work of the device, hours at leas

up to 700

What's in the box:

  • Soeks Quantum Radiation Detector
  • User manual
  • 2 rechargeable batteries (AAA)
  • USB power cable (mini USB)
  • AC Power Adapter (by request EU, AU)
  • Rigid paperboard box

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