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4G Security Cameras

Vimel 4G Construction PTZ WIFI 5MP Camera - 30X Optical ZoomHuman Detection + Auto Tracking The camera tracks people zooming in and out automatically. Vimel 4G security camera SIM card operated solar powered construction human detection - YouTube Video will open in a new windowUsing the ..
Ex Tax:$981.82
Vimel 4G Security Camera Turnkey Solution with 100Watt Solar panel with Auto Tracking and Human DetectionProfessional SeriesHuman Detection +Auto Tracking The Vimel camera tracks people zooming in and out automatically. This camera replaces multiple cameras on site as it does auto-tracking + Auto-cr..
Ex Tax:$1,817.27
Vimel 4G Construction PTZ WIFI 5MP 30X Camera - Solar PoweredThis camera is exactly what you need to solve the security problems from your home. The camera holds security features that expand its efficient property at protecting your home, giving you advanced hardware that enhances the footage th..
Ex Tax:$2,077.27
Vimel 4G Super Laser Night Vision Security Camera This Vimel 4G Security Camera is one of the most advanced infrared night vision cameras out right now, with an immense distance in visual perception and detection. The camera brings an array of light into the dark on the infrared spectrum. The..
Ex Tax:$890.91
Vimel 4G Solar Powered Super Night Vision Security Camera This Vimel Camera is one of the most advanced infrared night vision cameras out right now, with an immense distance in visual perception and detection. The camera brings an array of light into the dark on the infrared spectrum. The cam..
Ex Tax:$1,817.27
Vimel 4G Security PTZ Camera 30X Optical ZoomThe technology of surveillance cameras improves over the ages especially with the quality of footage it can begin to produce, this security camera is unlike previous network models as it comes in way more improved and advanced with the hardware features..
Ex Tax:$809.09
Vimel 4G Solar Powered Security Camera - 30X Optical Zoom - Auto-Tracking Security cameras are becoming more technologically advanced with how they operate over full-time and the quality they produce. This security camera is the perfect surveillance device your home needs to prevent any in..
Ex Tax:$2,081.82
Vimel 4G Construction Security Camera with Extra function time-lapse Are you being a business owner or a homeowner?  If yes, then you would most likely need the best security system. It is very essential to protect your property when you are away. The perfect solution for security is to ..
Ex Tax:$536.36
Vimel 4G SECURITY CAMERA QHD 2K - 20X Optical Zoom Everyone wants to be safer and also secure properties. Even in many places police are also advised using any spy cameras. Many types of 4G cameras are available. But don’t believe everything. Search and analyze the best and latest model device..
Ex Tax:$1,445.45
Vimel Construction 4G Security PTZ WIFI CameraThe only solution for the security of the house, office, shops, industries or any other place is to fix the webcam. Most of the webcam requires an internet connection. Is there any security camera that works without an internet connection? Yes, the ..
Ex Tax:$327.27
Vimel Wireless Security Camera 4G Farm QHD 2K 5MP Camera - SOLAR POWERED 24/7 Vimel Solar powered wireless 4G security camera is the ultimate solution for security purposes. These solar powered outdoor surveillance wireless cameras are used for enhancing home security. You don’t want to char..
Ex Tax:$1,081.82
360 Degree 4G Construction Camera Alarm System - ULTRA HD 4KThe Flood Light automatically activates from alert sensors capturing full-colour at night. The ULTRA HD 4K video quality does not disappoint, with the quality of the camera hardware. Remotely connect and stream live in most fantastic resolu..
Ex Tax:$3,090.00
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Top-Notch 4G Solar SIM Card Security Cameras in Australia

You won’t find a better security cam solution for remote off-grid places than profound 4G GSM cameras. Security Lab offers the latest models with the 4G and 3G support.

4G security cameras are capable of monitoring the isolated area with a limited view angle and without any Internet infrastructure. Just insert SIM card and you can watch live video remotely on your mobile phone or computer, PC. SecurityLab stock solar and Solar battery powered 4G SIM card wireless security cameras that will spare you from the necessity to deal with the messy cables, save your money usually spent for running wires and will fit any decor. Besides, 4G security cameras that we offer for sale in Australia can operate anywhere within the range of the 4G cellular, mobile  network.Our 4G construction cameras support Telstra, Optus, Vodafone SIM cards and work across whole Australia i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Pert, Brisbane and other cities.

4G security cameras are great for the secluded places without any Internet or power source. You may easily install such cameras in your remote cabin, farm ranch, boat, shed, marina, hotel, construction site, campsite, warehouse, etc.