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Spy Cap Camera with hidden lens The Key features of the Vimel Spy Cap Camera include a smart 60-degree lens which has the ability to record and project 1080P HD videos at 30 frames per second. It is also armed with a continuous photo taking mode along with the option of looping videos. It has an ..
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Next Generation of unisex spy glasses camera, which is the most real good looking and comes with the slimline design. It is used for both men and women users. The concave design where the camera lens is located, it seems to be excellent. These are plainly cut over the standard flat surfaced came..
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Spy Pinhole Sunglasses Some of the best spy sunglasses are available in the Vimel sunglasses. You know what, we are worn on the body and very easy to use, they come in different style, but one of the popular styles is this sun glasses. Nowadays, the spy sunglasses come with rechargeable bat..
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Vimel Sunglasses Action Sport Camera 1080P Vimel Sunglasses Action Sport Camera 1080P
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Vimel Action Sport Sunglasses Camera 1080p    In the modern world, there is a fashionable and convenient polarized lens with 5MPx CMOS Sensor. The action sport camera sunglasses are the best accomplice of your routine life. There is a Built-in 500mAh lithium battery, which can wor..
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The best action cameras available in Australia from Securitylab. we have a variety of different cameras such as biek cameras, waterproof cams, motorcycle cameras