Voice Recorder Edic Mini Tiny+ S78 Listening Device

Voice Recorder Edic Mini Tiny+ S78  Listening Device
This is Unique Edic-mini Tiny16+ S78 4GB one of the smallest voice recorders in the world with top-quality recording. The main advantage of S78 is that in addition to the built-in rechargeable battery, it has 2 solar cells (!), allowing it to perform real-time battery charging while recording. This solution will help to avoid situations when rechargeable battery or batteries get low at the critical moment.

It can work in "black box" mode very long!!! Just place the recorder in the place to be exposed to a sufficient amount of light to operate, and set up circular record mode, you turn it into a "black box" to record everything that sounded in the room in the last 300 hours (depending on the settings specified). And that will help you restore the entire course of events. When recorder works without sunshine, it uses power of built-in rechargeable battery. Sometimes we need to record information without revealing it. S78 allows you to start recording without being noticed. Perfect gadget, If you need to make hidden recording with Ultra high quality.

EDIC-Mini Tiny16+ S78 combines the best technologies and perfect balance of the most advanced methods of voice recording: 16 bit audio codec, which provides high quality recording and more accurate signal digitizing, Highly sensitive built-in microphone with protection from background noise that is capable of making highly legible record from a distance of 15 meters(!). 150HQ memory - 4GB memory capacity which can contain 150 hours of High-Quality recording with sampling rate 8 KHz and "u-Law" compression.

Voice Activation System

Voice activation system (VAS) allows you to save memory and battery power of recorder through a automatic temporary pause the recording when the volume is below the threshold of sensitivity of the system within a specified time. As soon as the recorder detects the excess of the threshold, the recording will resume automatically. The lower the sensitivity, the louder sounds are required to resume writing, and vice versa.

Linear mode or Circular mode. In the linear mode, the amount and longevity of recordings are limited by free memory space only. The circular mode is non stop recording: when memory space in recorder is over, the recorder will continuously record and write instead of the oldest recordings. So, when you stop recorder, only most new records will be in the memory!

To protect information, a parole system is available in the recorder. So an unauthorized user can't get access to the recorder's content and settings. Every recording  has a special mark with the date and time of the recording. The recording also has a watermark which helps to detect any changes that were made to the recording and which recorder made this recording.

Recording can be automatic (without user's help.) Recorder has two timers: Daily Timer (voice recorder will start recording and stop recording every day in a certain time. In this way this timer will be activated every day.) and Once Timer (voice recorder will start recording and stop recording only once, in certain date and time. In this way this timer will be activated only once.)

Invisible to user's marks that run through the entire record and allow us to determine the integrity of the recorded information. With these signs you can find out the serial number of voice recorder, date and start time, and ascertain whether was an attempt to modify or edit an entry. This significantly increases the weight made the recording as evidence in court.

Recorder can be connected to PC with the supplied adapter. All necessary software located in memory of voice recorder! So, you not need CD with software, to use this Device!

The supplied software, working under Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.1/10

New version of Software makes it possible: download to PC, playback, edit and delete entries. Produce the recording setup, easy to choose the desired quality / recording time. Configure additional features and capabilities of the recorder (Timer, VAS,etc.) Cut selected part of record, or work directly with selected part of record. Select or play back only the necessary fragments of recordings that was made using the VAS, skipping parts of recording without a voice. Improving intelligibility of recordings, noise reduction, etc. Ability to transfer of recordings to text using technology Google. Built-in tips make the program very easy and convenient.

  • Dimensions: 41 X 29 X 8 millimeters
  • Weight: 14 grams
  • Audio codec: 16 bits
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: -80 dB;
  • Frequency band when recording 100 - 10000 Hz ;
  • Built-in microphone's operating distance - up to 15 meters. With protection from background noise;
  • AGC system. It is possible to set up fixed gain or enable automatic gain control;
  • Recording mode: mono
  • Built-in Gain : From -1 to +40 dB;
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 MB / sec);
  • Compression method:
  • Sample rate: 8 kHz, 10 kHz, 13.3 kHz, 20 kHz;
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C +40° C (32°F +104°F)
  • Record playback: Via PC or supplied software.
  • Battery life in record mode (sampling rate 8KHz, without compression): 60 hours;
  • Battery life in record mode with VAS (audio signals below threshold): up to 150 hours(!);
  • Battery life in the light: unlimited (depending on the settings, duration and luminous intensity of the light source)
  • In stand-by mode: up to 4 months;
  • Power supply: 150 mAh built-in battery + 2 built-in solar cells ;
  • Charging: from USB computer port, AC Network (5 volts - USB Adapter) or light source.
  • Internal flash memory: 4GB ( 150HQ - 150 hours of High Quality recording)

Package Include

  • Voice recorder
  • USB Adapter
  • Manuals
  • Warranty coupon
  • Package box

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