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Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation

Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation
Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation
Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation
Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation
Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation
Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation
Spy Voice Recorder Magnet with Voice Activation
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  • Model: VIM-VOICEQ51
  • UPC: 600190675127

Voice Recording Mini Audio Device with Sound Detection.

Ideal for Covert, Spy-Friendly Use and Hidden Audio Recording

Are you searching for a reliable and discreet voice recorder designed for hidden audio recordingcovert operations, and securing evidence proof? Our Tiny Voice Recorder offers a range of features for different types of users, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Covert Operations with a Portable and Slim Design

The Tiny Voice Recorder boasts a slim design, perfect for spy use and covert operations. Its portable nature allows for inconspicuous placement, ensuring that you can capture critical audio discreetly.

Unparalleled Recording Duration Up to 28 Hours

For those seeking extended recording capabilities, our voice recorder offers continuous recording for up to 28 hours. Whether you're involved in surveillance or need to capture audio evidence for legal purposes, this device won't let you down.

Voice Activated Function | Long Recording Time

This gadget has a cool feature that lets you start recording using your voice. Plus, it can stay on standby for up to 25 days without being charged. It's also brilliant because it can detect when there's something worth recording and will save battery power by only recording when needed. It's packed with features, making it great for all sorts of uses, and its long standby time makes it reliable and perfect for recording audio secretly.

Customized Recording Modes for Varied Applications

With three recording modes, you can adapt your recording settings to match your specific needs. Whether you're documenting covert conversations, conducting interviews, or simply looking for high-quality audio capture, our recorder has you covered.

Sound Detection with Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

Equipped with adjustable sensitivity levels, our Tiny Voice Recorder can detect sound and initiate recording when needed, enhancing your ability to capture crucial audio evidence.

Five Levels of Microphone Sensitivity

Fine-tune your recording experience with the option to adjust microphone sensitivity across five levels. This feature is handy in environments with varying noise levels.

Uncompressed Recording in Linear PCM (705.6kbps)

For situations where audio quality is paramount, our recorder offers uncompressed recording in Linear PCM at 705.6kbps. The VIM-VOICEQ51 ensures that your recordings stand as solid evidence proof in legal or investigative settings.

Built-in Magnet for Discreet Attachment

The recorder has a built-in magnet, facilitating easy and discreet attachment to various surfaces. The built-in magnet is invaluable for those engaged in spy use or covert surveillance where you would want to hide this voice recorder.

Included Wired Controller for Easy Playback

Our voice recorder includes a wired controller and earphones, providing a straightforward way to review your recordings discreetly. This feature is perfect for hand-held use and playback, ensuring that you can access your audio evidence when you need it most.

Super Lightweight Build for Maximum Portability

The VIM-VOICEQ51 weighs just 10g. This recorder is incredibly lightweight, making it a hand-held device you can take anywhere.

Scheduled Recording and Time & Date Stamp

Stay organized with scheduled recordings and always have a reference point with the time and date stamp feature. The VIM-VOICEQ51 is particularly useful for maintaining evidence proof in various contexts.

Ample 8GB Built-in Memory and Rechargeable Battery

With 8GB of built-in memory and a rechargeable battery, you won't need to worry about additional storage or frequent battery replacements.


  • Professional Use: Perfect for interviews, meetings, and lectures. Capture every detail for later analysis and reference.
  • Personal Use: Use it to record important personal conversations, voice memos, or reminders.
  • Security and Surveillance: Ideal for discreetly recording conversations and events for security and surveillance purposes.
  • Education: Great for students to record lectures, ensuring they don't miss important content.
  • Covert Recording: With its magnetic attachment, it's perfect for discreetly capturing audio in various scenarios.
  • Journalism: Record interviews or gather audio content for journalistic purposes.
  • Legal Documentation: Ensure you have a reliable evidence-proof recording in legal proceedings.

Elevate your recording capabilities with our Tiny Voice Recorder, the ultimate choice for various applications, including covertspy usehidden audio recordingevidence proof, and hand-held operation. Don't miss out on any critical information – choose the Tiny Voice Recorder today!


  • Portable Slim Design, Flexible Installation - Carry and Install Anywhere
  • Continuous Recording up to 28 Hours
  • Long Standby time up to 25 days in voice activated mode.
  • Three Recording Modes with Different Sound Quality, Battery Usage and File Compression
  • Sound Detection Feature with Adjustable Levels
  • Adjustable Five Levels of Microphone Sensitivity
  • Uncompressed Recording - Linear PCM (705.6kbps)
  • Built-in Magnet for Attaching
  • Included Wired Controller for Easy Direct Playback with Earphones
  • Super Lightweight Build
  • Scheduled Recording
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • Built-in 8GB of Memory
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • Recording Mode: PCM, XHQ, HQ
  • PCM: Up to 25 Hours
  • XHQ: Up to 24 Hours
  • HQ: Up to 28 Hours
  • Up to 25 days in standby mode
  • Microphone Sensitivity: (52dBA)(55dBA), (58dBA), (61dBA), (64dBA)
  • Battery: 3.7V Li-Polymer 0.666Wh
  • Dimensions: 23.5mm x 26.8mm x 9.6mm
  • Weight: 9g


Packaging Contents:

  • 1 x Voice Recorder
  • 1 x USB Controller
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Earphones
  • 1 x Strap
  • 1 x User Guide / User Manual

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