Do you have a beagle? Do you have a dog that is constantly outsmarting you and breaking down fences that you put up? Do you wonder how a dog can outsmart you? It's hard but when it comes to escaping to The Great Outdoors, it is what dogs are best at. Some dogs run away from their owners two to three times a month even with every effort they try, these pets have broken out time and time again. Today there is technology so you don't have to stress about this kind of problem anymore.Wi-Fi/GPS tracking technology is for those who want to keep track of where their dog is going or cat and what they are up to so they can find them if they are lost.

How Do they Work

These days, GPS trackers are more sophisticated than the years ago microchipping. Not to put down or anything, it was a really good system and still is, we've just had a new generation of better tracking devices to watch over our pets. What would you do if your dog ran away 20 miles? If you don't have a GPS tracker on them you just have to wait and see where they are. You have to go through steps like this-

  • contacting the dog warden to see if they have found any new dogs matching your pet's description.

  • Calling veterinary hospitals to see if your dog has been hurt or has been deceased. That is not good news but it at least let you find out and know the answer a lot sooner than just trying to find them on your own

  • You have to conduct an investigation of the entire neighbourhood and see what your little Fido has been up to

  • Are you sick of putting lost dog signs up on every electrical Post in the area? I'm sure you are. It can be tiring putting up hundreds of posters for your little dog.

  • With all these issues you also probably have to put a reward up to get your dog back. Even if they are at an animal shelter they may want to charge for testing they have done on the animal as well as rabies shots they have probably given them.

  • It puts a great deal of stress on the family and you can lose time from work from losing your pet.

  • If you have children it will greatly upset them and you will have to do whatever it takes to find this animal.

The Newest Most  Effective pet tracking devices

When you look at GPS GPS pet trackers, you may want to comprehend how they are designed. You should always know something about a device you are purchasing as most sites ask you to review things and if you don't have the correct information because you didn't read the pamphlet correctly and just skimmed it a bit, then it's not really fair to the manufacturer without making every attempt to use the device properly. it can also cost you your pet's life if you don't set it up correctly the first time.

Have a look at the latest pet tracker with live monitoring support:


To get started you're going to have to have a Wi-Fi connection and the GPS chip and receiver for the Wi-Fi. You create a perimeter in which your pet is safe that he can roam around. They have different areas, all of them like a virtual fence. it is basically a fence you cannot see but it is there. The Trackers are usually fixed to a  collar and the signals come from the Wi-Fi to send all of your pets locations to your phone or email. So you can receive a simple text letting you know that your dog is doing okay and is in the fence. if your dog leaves the area it will switch directly over to the GPS and give you alerts for where they are.


Activity alerts

As well as locating your pet a pet GPS tracking device also monitors your animal's activities kind of like a human being smartwatch. You can find out if your dog is lazy and laying around all day or if they are chasing squirrels and having a good time. You'll know if you're giving them enough water and food for the activities they are doing each day with this device. Some devices you can use for training and a remote noise will trigger off so they know the command.

Your Collar or There's

Many brands have their own color attached to the GPS tracker. Some of them you can put on your own collar so you can have a preference of color and style. But in the end, your safety is the most important of your pet. So go with the most effective collar, not the most attractive collar. You are going to have to put batteries in it and recharge it here and there. It usually will take around two hours to fully charge the batteries. It usually comes along with the GPS tracking kit. You usually don't have to buy anything else.

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