Professional Spy Camera Detector Hidden finder

Professional Spy Camera Detector Hidden finder

Professional Camera Bug Spy GSM Wireless Finder Detector Device Monitor Security Anti Video

If you are into having private conversation is and who isn’t? Then this device is for you a professional camera bugs by GSM wireless finder detector device monitor. It is also works as a security anti-video and has an audio tap transmitter for worldwide usage. Anyone can use this device with ease and have the privacy that they desire.

It finds cameras that you don’t know about and also audio surveillance devices are captured with this device.
Even somewhere as innocent as a hotel room you think you may not be watched? You’re wrong many hotel rooms are watched. Even your business meetings that you think are just with your colleagues somebody could be recording them.

It is called VIM27 And is the tiniest in the world for small wideband wireless detection devices. It has been used by the army even for it’s amazing security features. It’s also used in detecting any device that is trying to monitor secret lately and covertly.


It is constructed of the finest quality . aluminum alloy with a beautiful black cover and it is small enough to take with you. It is safe for your body and health because it doesn’t have any electromagnetic waves going through it that uses a passive detection system which is wideband simulation that sends to check the signal and then detect the signal. This our signal sent by wire taps and it will keep you covered for up to 100 m.


It is been through all the rigorous to army standard tests to determine its quality and affordability for the line that it’s in. They find it to be a high-quality product and assess it to be safe for use. It can also tell whether or not  existing electromagnetic waves are present somewhere In the hundred meter vicinity of your device. For its functionality it is very affordable


  • Wireless Cameras
  • Wireless Bugs
  • Wireless listening devices
  • Wireless voice recorders
  • Any wireless devices/bugs
  • GPS trackers


  • High sensitivity, scope adjustable
  • A large range of detecting frequency
  • Alarming with sound or optic, simple operation, convenient using, accurate and security.
  • A good compatibility of electromagnetic.
  • Small volume, easy taking.



  • Scope of sensitivity range: 1 MHZ-8000 MHZ
    - Primary detection range: 25 MHz-6000 MHz
    - Detecting dynamic range: >70Db
  • Distance Up to 25 meters
  • Indicate mode: Nine level LED
  • Power : 9V alkaline battery
  • Typical Battery Life: 120 minutes
  • Dimensions:
    - Antenna off = 125mm x 65mm x 25mm
    - Antenna on = 280mm x 65mm x 25mm 


  • ·1 x User manual
  • ·1 x Detector
  •  1 x Battery


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