Cayman ST-402 Non-Linear Junction Detector

Cayman ST-402 Non-Linear Junction Detector

CAYMAN-ST-402 The Ultimate Solution to Bug Detection

The CAYMAN ST-402 is the ultimate solution to finding all kinds of bugs and hidden devices disguise inside ordinary objects, inside walls, floors, ceiling, containers, furniture and many other barriers that hide spy electronics. The detector has no limits when it comes to scanning areas and items that can potentially hold such dangerous gadgets even when they're turned off.

Ultimate Solution for Detecting Any Bugs - Non-Linear Junction Detection

The CAYMAN electronic detector is a non-linear junction detector that can scan and find all kinds of modern technology containing semi-conducting components. The CAYMAN detector is the most reliable device you can get your hands for professional uses in your line of work, to remove all potential recording spy devices and contraband items that sneak past you through ordinary parcels and packages. The Cayman ST-402 provides a modern approach to finding electronics that use modern hardware.

Detects all kinds of Offline Voice Recorders

The Cayman detector has the ability to scan and find devices that are non-wireless but also powered off. Voice recorders are the culprits that bring trouble for many bug detectors. Luckily, the Cayman has no weaknesses in spotting such a hidden recorder. use the Cayman and find all sorts of offline voice recorders

The only detector that can detect even powered off bugs

The Cayman is the only detector that can detect any types of bugs when they are powered off.


  • Used by High-Profile Security Companies and Government Agencies
  • All Types of Bugs / Spy Camera / Listening Devices Detection
  • Wireless Electronic Devices
  • Mobile Phone and SIM-Card Detection
  • GPS Tracker Finder
  • Wireless / Offline Voice Recorder Detection
  • Powered-off Electronic Device Detection
  • Unauthorized Electronic devices Detection
  • Anti-Contraband / Dangerous Objects Parcels
  • Home Furniture, Accessories, Objects, Walls, Ceiling, Ground
  • Hotel Rooms, Office Security, Confidential Meetings


  • The Only Detector Exclusive to Detecting any kind of Bugs
  • Unlike Other Detectors - Cayman can Detect Hidden Voice Recorders
  • High Detection Sensitivity - Low Output Power
  • Effective Operation against Interference
  • Ergonomic Design - Large Comfortable Telescopic Bar with Retractable Armrest for Proactive Hand-Held Navigation
  • Low Probability of False Alerts
  • Additional Opportunities to Identify the response provided by Analysis of Signals in the 'Audio'
  • Standard Rechargeable Batteries - 4 Hours of Continuous Operation (Up time to 8 Hours with Additionally Provided Batteries)
  • Shock-Proof Case Included for the Whole System



  • Frequency Range: 2-3GHz
  • Maximum Peak Power: Less than 2W
  • Antenna: Elliptic
  • Operation Modes: "Search", "Audio", "Adaptation
  • Sensitivity Adjustment Range(Manual): 40dB (5 Steps of 8dB per adjustment)
  • Visual Indication: Three 16 LED Bars
  • Audible Indication: Built-in Speaker, and Headphones
  • Power Supply: Two Lithium ION Rechargeable Batteries (18650mAH) 3,7V
  • Battery-Life: 3-4 Hours (Full Charge - Depending on Operation Mode)
  • Charge Time: ~3 Hours
  • Dimensions (Fully Expanded): 1500mm x 250mm x 130mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight of the Detector: 1.75kg


  • 1 x Cayman ST-402 Detector
  • 4 x Lithium ION Rechargeable Batteries 18650mAh
  • 1 x Charging Unit
  • 1 x Charger Cable
  • 1 x Headphones
  • 2 x Test Targets
  • 1 x User Manual / User Guide
  • 1 x Transportation Shock-proof Case

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