The Xiomi Original  powerbank Is the newest in technology for a backup battery. If you’re looking for  A battery for your tracking device or spy camera or your iPhone whatever it is this is a great back up battery for spy cameras and detection devices. Please be aware that it could come in gray black or white and the choice isn’t always available. This type of power block works with a lot of devices. It is very useful and valuable for those that want to protect themselves and what they have.


It is portable and can be recharged due to USB. You can re-charge it wherever you need to as most places have plugs and you just need your charger and USB plug to charge this device. It holds a lot of power for an extension. It has 10,000 MAH power. This would charge a device a few different times. It is a very high-end battery and you can use the USB charging device anywhere in the world.

This is very nice and 100% brand new UPS charging battery for extra battery life on your devices is on the higher end of excellence. You don’t have to wait to charge your battery and it’s 300% of an iPhone for battery capacity which is pretty high so you could charge it four times an iPhone. It charges the phone in less than an hour and a half and other electronics in about the same amount of time.. It uses icy from NEC to make sure that the board of circuits is protected in your device.

It also uses lithium ion as its battery which is extremely long lasting and high-quality. 49.99 is not worth losing your tracking devices location when you can have a backup battery that will last you for charges.