OBD2 Hardwired Kit for Dash Cameras, GPS trackers

If you are looking for something to get a dash cam hardwired kit then you should check out the: ]HARDWIRE-ODB2. This allows you to connect your GPS trackers and dash cameras to your motorcycle or other vehicles that you may be driving. It connects the power adapter to any of these things-

  1. You have a voice recording device that you want to keep in your vehicle. This will allow it to be permanently attached to the car

  2. you can also hard wire in your dash camera to stay in the car as well

  3. It hard wires GPS trackers into your vehicle

  4. It has the OBD2 features

When you got your device you may not have had everything you needed to have it permanently attached to your vehicle. Well it can be a permanent solution it can also be removed easily enough with this system. It comes with a simple 12/24 power adapter for many different devices use this voltage. Using the most Common levels of voltage systems, is able to adapt to many different types of devices


OBD2 plug with hardwired kit