Photo Frame Camera Hidden Home Motion Activated Night Vision

Photo Frame Camera Hidden Home Motion Activated Night Vision

We all like to feel safe in our own homes and office space.

Do you have a babysitter? Does somebody help mow your lawn? Do you have contractors over to your home or business constantly? If so, there are products that you can get that will help you monitor your employees and visitors that come to your home. You can use various types of spy cameras to protect your property and loved ones from abuse and fraudulent activity.


Motion Activated Cameras

Would you like to try something very discreet for home monitoring? Do you want it to be a secret that you are using a spy camera? They make such innovative products today that no one will be aware you are observing their behaviors. You want to feel safe in your own home, don’t you? If so,  there are products that are small enough to fit in something that looks and like a photo frame.

High Quality Discreet Cameras

These cameras help you to see things in high traffic areas that may be of concern. They get the footage that is important rather than just videotaping a motionless area. There are some video cameras  that tape in high quality 1080P or 720P. These incredible  high resolution cameras are activated by any kind of movement. They are known as motion activated cameras.


Cameras that Activate Only When You Need Them to

These high definition cameras turn on when something walks by. It captures these movements and use battery only when there is motion involved. They record activities onto a micro or regular SD card. They fit into a camera that looks like a regular photo frame. You can even put real family photos in them. This motion activated system saves on space on your SD card. They hold up to 32GB of storage space. This is quite a bit for a small device.


Discreet and Effective

Your discreet camera will capture video footage whenever something moves. These cameras can do simple video or include sound if you wish. It records in real time. It will record for 60 seconds when motion is detected. If it continues, it will record until the movement stops.


Get One With a High Quality Lithium Battery

Inside the photo frame is a lithium battery that you can re-charge as necessary. The batteries these days are so good that it can be in standby mode up to a period of two years until activated again. Most likely you wouldn’t leave a camera on for two years with no motion, but that is a bonus feature that is built in. A picture frame spy camera gives you a sense of peace of mind, whether you are at work or away on vacation. Infrared red sensors are built in for capturing images in complete darkness. No light emanates from the spy camera so intruders will be unsuspecting when caught red handed on tape.



Motion activated recording - stores video onto the SD card

Records full colour video in real time including clear audio

Secure video play back on any PC or Mac (insert SD card directly into computer with the SD card reader supplied)

How do I playback Recordings?

It's actually very simple.  The micro SD card is concealed in the back of the frame where it won't be found but you know where it is.  The on/off button is also concealed inside and at the back of the photo frame.  Pop the SD card out and with the supplied USB micro SD card reader, slot it into your PC or Mac.  Your computer will tell you that a new device has been found.  When its asks OPEN WITH choose Windows Media Player or VLC whatever AVI player you choose.  Easy to read instructions are supplied.



What if I don't want to record Audio?

Photo Frame Spy Camera has a switch for audio on or off.


Can Photo Frame Hidden Camera record in total darkness?

The simple answer to that is yes.  Photo Frame Cam has built in NO GLOW Infra Red.  In other words the IR's can see you but you can't see the IR illumination.  At night or in low light, if the camera senses motion and lighting is poor,  the internal NO GLOW Infra Reds auto take over.  At night in darkness or in low light, the camera records in B/W rather than colour because colour can't see IR but B/W certainly can.


If constantly Recording how long would the battery last before needing a recharge?


If the battery is fully charged before use expect about 30 hours by day or 9-10 hours by night.  IR on at night means using more battery power.


In standby mode with no motion detected and no recording about 2 years before needing a recharge.


If the battery is completely discharged it could take up 20 hours to fully recharge

In MD mode of course the recording capacity is the same about 30 hours but it all depends on the motion duration


  • HD 1280x720P 30fps
  • PIR motion sensor
  • rechargeable 10000mA battery
  • Audio recording
  • Standby time - up to 2 Years
  • Battery life with Continuous REC up  30 hours 
  • Max night vision continuously recording time 14 hours
  • Motion Detection Recording Several weeks ( may vary - all depends how many motions a day)
  • Motion Detection Recording and Continuous Recording
  • IR Night Vision up to 3 meters
  • PIR Motion Decection video record about 1-2 minute per file
  • Record continuously about 10 minutes per file
  • Day time recording power consumption 220mA
  • Night vision recording power consumption 650mA
  • Video Storage: micro SD card support up to 32GB  ( not included)
  • USB cable for charging/data transfer 
  • OS support: Windows  7/8.1/10
  • Dimension: 24.5*19.5*1.4CM
  • Product net weight 410g

What in the box:

  • Photo Frame Camera
  • Wall Screws
  • USB/TV cable
  • Warning Sticker
  • Manual 

FeaturesNight vision
TypePhoto Frame
Spy Cameras
24/7 Working time
Business surveillance
Long Battery life
Nursing surveillance
motion activated

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