What is GPS?

When you hear the term GPS vehicle tracking devices, what do you think of? Do you think of s person that is going to log mileage for a company? Do you think somebody is trying to spy on somebody else? Do you think a parent is watching their children's actions? Do you think employers are looking to make sure the employees are doing the right thing? Are police tracking a suspect under surveillance?


4G or 3G GPS tracker

3G networks will be gradually phased out so we suggest buying 4G GPS trackers. Here are some options

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4G tracker for cars, trucks: https://www.securitylab.com.au/4g-gps-tracker-3g-real-live-hardwired-anti-theft

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Numerous Functions of GPS Tracking Devices

  GPS vehicle tracking devices are these days a common occurrence for many people. All GPS tracking device users have one thing in common. They have the desire to know the location of a specific item or vehicle when they want to know it.  There are many types of people who use a GPS tracking device every day in their regular functioning. Do you want to know the coordinates of a specific vehicle at various times or at all times for various purposes? What kind of purposes would these be? Well, some of these answers are-

  • Someone may want to catch a cheating partner in the act by tracking their mileage and location if they are suspicious of specific behaviours. These are things like them not being home on time, money missing, bills that come in four places that you don’t recognize and other various reasons.

  • Employers for trucking companies so they can see where their deliveries are and other people that deliver packages and other things so they can find how long it will take to get there.

  • Tracking the mileage for business purposes of employees Who have to track them to pay them accordingly for their time and energy. They also wanna make sure they’re not abusing company hours and company vehicles. Also, I work-related errands or as a full-time job.

  • Officers of the law also place tracking devices on the vehicles of cases they are trying to handle that are big.

  • A couple may put a GPS tracking device underneath one of the other cars to see what they’re up to and where they are going.

  • Parents place them in their kid's cars so they can make sure they’re not speeding and going where they say they are going. You need to decide whether it’s going to be a secret device that you put in someone’s car or you’re going to let them know

  • Insurance companies use them to track their policyholders driving habits


Discreet or Not?


One of the most important things you want to consider is is this legal in my area? Can I put a tracking device on someone else’s car without their knowledge? You need to look in your jurisdiction to see if it’s legal or not. If it is then you have to morally decide whether you have the right to do this to another person or not. It can also be in there and known and then you don’t have any issues with anyone being upset finding out. You have to weigh the pros and cons with her you are going to covertly track your individual or tell them if it’s someone else besides yourself.


Choosing the Device

The most important factor in choosing a device that’s going to be outside in the elements is it has to be tough.you. Anywhere you live you’re going to get weather sometimes that is undesirable, even in places that you wouldn’t expect it. If it’s far north you’re going to have freezing temperatures and snow that get on it. If it’s in the south you’re going to get a lot of rain and heat and if you live in a middle area you’ll get all elements at different times. You need an extended life battery and something that lasts a long time and is made of the most durable material is available on the market. If you decide you want to be secret you want something with a long battery pack and a magnet to just pop it on the vehicle. The instruction manual tell you the best places to places and had to take care of it as no two  GPS trackers are alike. “


High or Low

The important thing to know about GPS trackers is that they have them in every price range. You can get one for $20 somewhere or you can pay a couple thousand for one. It depends on how much you were going to use it, but it’s being used for and what features you deem necessary. Some have audio recordings do you want that? Some have two way talking so you can speak to the other person when you want to like a CB radio. Do you want something that has on standby mode 400 hours of battery life and cap Captures images six times a day? What kind of standby mode do you like a deep standby mode or a lighter one that still catches motion.


Want to track your pets:


Here is the newest 3G tracker for dogs and cats:  https://www.securitylab.com.au/3g-gps-pet-tracker-telstra-cat-dog-mobile-phone-live