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Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI

Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
Smart Bird Feeder Camera WIFI
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Bird Feeder Camera Outdoor Watching Smart App Alert

Step into the enchanting world of avian observation with our state-of-the-art Wi-Fi Bird Feeder Camera. More than just a feeder, this innovative device seamlessly merges the wonders of nature with cutting-edge technology. The camera is designed for easy installation and offers myriad features. The bird feeder camera promises to be the ultimate gateway to the avian realm right outside your window.

Smart Power Management

Bid farewell to power concerns with our Smart Power Management system. This feature ensures uninterrupted operation, allowing you to witness the avian activity in your backyard without worrying about frequent recharging.

Easy Installation with Effortless Integration

Experience hassle-free setup with our Easy Installation process. Transform any corner of your outdoor space into a birdwatcher's haven. Immerse yourself in the delightful world of feathered friends.

100% Wireless Connection Turnkey Solution

Say goodbye to the constraints of cables with our 100% Wireless Turnkey Solution. Enjoy a clutter-free setup that doesn't compromise performance, allowing you to position the feeder wherever possible.

WiFi Network Router Connection

Stay seamlessly connected with your feathered friends through the Wi-Fi Network Router Connection. Whether at home or away, monitor the avian activity in real-time via your smartphone, iPad, or Android device.

Remotely Monitor LIVE and Playback Recorded Footage

Experience the joys of birdwatching from the comfort of your home. Remotely monitor live footage and relive precious moments with the playback feature. The camera allows you to witness the charming antics of your feathered visitors.

Live Video P2P - iPhone / iPad / Android Support

Access live video feeds effortlessly with P2P support for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with a simple tap on your mobile device.

Receive Fast Alert Pop-Up Notifications

Never miss a moment with our Fast Alert Pop-Up Notifications. Receive real-time alerts informing you of the latest avian visitors to your feeder, ensuring you never miss a captivating moment.

High-Efficiency Solar Power

Harness the power of the sun with our High-Efficiency Solar Panel. Enjoy continuous operation as the solar panel powers and recharges the device 24/7, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable birdwatching experience.

Cloud Storage Support / Local Storage Support

Tailor your storage options with Cloud Storage Support and Local Storage Support. Whether you prefer the convenience of cloud storage or the reliability of local storage, our bird feeder camera accommodates your preferences.

4 Ways Installation Method

Customise the placement of your bird feeder with our 4 Ways Installation Method. Mount it on the wall, hang it, or secure it on a stake pole – the choice is yours. Enjoy flexibility without compromising on aesthetics.

Smart AI Identification for Up to 10000+ Bird Species

Experience a new dimension of birdwatching with our Smart AI Identification. Recognise and learn about over 10,000 bird species, enriching your avian encounters with valuable information about your feathered guests with the outdoor camera.

Fast PIR Sensor - Thermal Detection / Motion Detection

Never miss a flutter with our Fast PIR Sensor. Swiftly detect thermal and motion changes, ensuring that every avian interaction is promptly captured and documented.

Motion Activated Recording

Capture the dynamic beauty of birds in motion with motion-activated recording. Relive their playful antics and graceful flights through high-quality footage.

A Glimpse into Nocturnal Avian Life

Extend your birdwatching experience into the night with Infrared Full-Colour Night Vision. Witness the nocturnal activities of your feathered friends in vivid detail with the solar panel camera.

Built-in Microphone and Speaker

Immerse yourself in the symphony of nature with the Built-in Microphone and Speaker. Listen to the melodious chirps and communicate with your avian guests, creating an interactive birdwatching experience.

Two Ways Audio Support

Establish a two-way communication channel with Two Ways Audio Support. Conversing with your feathered friends adds an interactive element to your birdwatching adventure.

Weather Resistant IP65

Let the avian spectacle unfold in any weather with our Weather-Proof IP65 Level design. Rain or shine, your bird feeder camera remains resilient, ensuring reliable performance in all conditions.

Share the Joy of Birdwatching

Invite others to share in the joy of birdwatching with Multi-user View Support. Connect with fellow enthusiasts or family members, extending the pleasure of avian observation to a broader audience.

Localised Storage Convenience

Enhance your storage options with Memory Card Support. Easily retrieve and store footage locally, providing convenient access to your favourite avian moments.

Sustainable and Reliable Power

Embrace sustainability with our Rechargeable Batteries. Eliminate the hassle of frequent replacements, ensuring continuous operation and minimising the environmental impact.

Our WiFi Bird Feeder Camera is not just a device; it's an immersive experience connecting you with birds' enchanting world. Elevate your birdwatching adventures, capture priceless moments, and create lasting memories with the perfect blend of nature and technology. Transform your backyard into a haven for avian enthusiasts and embark on a journey of discovery with our innovative bird feeder camera. Invest in the future of birdwatching and bring the beauty of nature closer to home.


  • Smart Power Management
  • Easy Installation
  • 100% Wireless Turnkey Solution
  • WIFI Network Router Connection
  • Remotely Monitor LIVE and Playback Recorded Footage
  • Live Video P2P - iPhone / iPad / Android Support
  • Receive Fast Alert Pop-Up Notifications
  • High-Efficiency Solar Panel - Powered and Recharges 24/7
  • Cloud Storage Support / Local Storage Support
  • 4 Ways Installation Method - Mount on Wall, Hanging Mount, Mount on Stake Pole
  • Smart AI Identification for Up to 10000 + Bird Species with Information
  • Fast PIR Sensor - Thermal Detection / Motion Detection
  • Motion Activated Recording
  • Infrared Full-Colour Night Vision
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • Two Ways Audio Support
  • Weather Proof IP65 Level
  • Multi-user view support
  • Memory Card Support
  • Rechargeable Batteries


  • Video Resolution: 1920x1080pp 30FPS
  • Image Sensor: 2MP
  • Water Proof: IP65
  • WIFI Support: 2.4GHZ Only
  • Field of View: H145°;V85°;D185°
  • Container Size: 1.6L
  • Battery Capacity: 5200mAH
  • Memory Card Support: Up to 128GB

Package Content:

  • 1 x Bird Feeder Camera
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Bird Feeder Bracket
  • 1 x Bird Stand
  • 1 x Accessories
  • 1 x User Manual / User Guide

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