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Trail Cameras

VIMEL 4G Protected Trail Camera Metalbox Solar Powered Connect and Receive Pictures using 4G / 3G Network SIM Card.Thanks to the SIM Card that inserts the device, the high-quality trail camera connects to your smartphone using a 4G/3G network. The device works remotely in any Australian environ..
Ex Tax:$480.91
Vimel 4G Wild Life Outdoor Security 12MPX Trail CameraWildlife cameras are devices your property needs especially if you own a large-acre property whether it’s a farm, field or a public place such as a park. This model uses the most advanced features to keep it both discrete and effective at rec..
Ex Tax:$435.45
Vimel 4G Trail Camera Looking for the best high-quality 4G 3G trail camera? Here, Our Vimel camera has the upgrade version with 4G LTE network support ( still 3G backwards compatible), digital scouting camera. And it also comes with MMS/4G function and it can be triggered by any movement in an..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Vimel Outdoor gate security camera: Today’s world life, security cameras are becoming more popular in the consumer market. The game cameras can be installed in many urban areas and that video can be transmitted through a wireless network to the government. The security camera, which provides 2..
Ex Tax:$153.64
Vimel 4G Cam - a wildlife surveillance   In this competitive world, people don’t have enough time to do their basic works. After purchasing a product from online, they have to assemble it. But most people don’t like to assemble that product with coolness. Such people can use this Vimel..
Ex Tax:$254.55
Vimel Solar trail camera - energy with a new skill   In ordinary trail cameras, one needs to physically visit the camera to pull the SD cards and see the pictures. But, it is not safe at all the time to do this process. So, to avoid these risks cellular trail cameras are utilized. Vim..
Ex Tax:$344.55
Owlzer trail camera – a fine camera that master you in less than a minuteOwlzer Z1 4G WiFi enabled wireless Cloud trail CCTV camera offers a Cloud based mobile CCTV application for remote surveillance from 3G Mobile CCTV Owlzer Youtube channel :
Ex Tax:$408.18
Owlzer Z1 4G WiFi enabled wireless Cloud trail CCTV camera offers a Cloud based mobile CCTV application for remote surveillance from 3G Mobile CCTV Owlzer Youtube channel : 4G solar camera-secure your day with solar power and fa..
Ex Tax:$536.36
VIMEL 4G Trail Camera Outdoor The VIM-4GWILD3 is the perfect hunting camera that you can set up in any environment, where it can record and allow you to monitor the area and capture images of the wildlife. This model comes with a wireless network connection that will enable you to preview v..
Ex Tax:$318.18
VIMEL 4G Cloud SIM Card Trail Camera with Solar Panel The VIM-4GWILD3 is an ideal security system for wildlife, working full time using high-end hardware in all kinds of weather conditions in the Australian climate. This hunting camera captures evidence of unknown creatures at night at complete..
Ex Tax:$400.00
VIMEL 4G Solar Protected Trail Camera Metalbox The VIM-4GWILD3S comes with a metal box case that protects the trail camera from theft and vandalism. Powered by a solar panel, the camera can be recharged and work continuously 24/7 in the wild. The weatherproof design allows the camera to st..
Ex Tax:$453.64
Vimel Hunting Trail 30MP Camera Ultra HD 4K Outdoor Security This ideally is the most advanced trail camera, providing the highest quality of footage yet delivered by a trail camera. This model packs a whole variety of hardware for photography to advance you at gathering any form evidence out i..
Ex Tax:$162.73
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Affordable Trail Cameras for Australian Markets

Hunting cameras are perfect for surveillance of Australian wildlife. The most profitable price deals for trail cams are available at Security Lab store.

Trail cameras are great surveillance devices for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. The Australian store Security Lab provides a wide array of trail cameras equipped with motion and infrared sensors. All available for sale trail cams can serve as good camera traps. Camera traps can be applied for capturing wild animals on video, detection of rare animals and other ecological or biological researches.

Additional options for trail cams include waterproof, with no flash, no GLOW , flash, night vision and motion detectors. Some devices are solar-powered, others are equipped with standard batteries. Most trail cameras are especially popular among hunters. They are equipped with a remote view mode, infrared triggers, support 3G/4G and SIM cards. You can use this gear as outdoor camera traps for a discreet surveillance. Security Lab can supply you with all necessary modules and accessories for trails cameras at the reasonable cost.

A game camera is a motion  triggered recorder which comes with PIR sensor ( motion sensor)  or an infrared sensor, or uses a light beam as a trigger. Hunting and wildlife monitoring include studies of nest ecology, detection of rare species, estimation of population size and species richness, as well as research on habitat use and occupation of human-built structures.

Wildlife cams , also known as trail cameras, are used to capture images of animals in the wild with as little human interference as possible. With advancements in the quality of camera equipment this method of field observation has become more popular among researchers. Hunting has played an important role in development of camera traps, since hunters like to use them to scout for game. These hunters have opened a commercial market for the devices which have led to many improvements over time.