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House Sweep Comprehensive Package

House Sweep Comprehensive Package
House Sweep Comprehensive Package
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Sweep your House with our Comprehensive Sweep package from 3 bedrooms plus

The comprehensive detection includes the detection of switched off bugs with a non-linear detector

Non-Linear Detector

In an era where technology's dual-edged sword can undermine our privacy, ensuring the security of our personal spaces has become a paramount concern. The advancement of covert surveillance tools like spy cameras, hidden voice recorders, and remote listening devices poses a genuine threat to our domestic sanctuaries. To combat this rising concern, cutting-edge solutions like the Cayman ST-402 Non-Linear Detector have emerged as the vanguard of home sweep services, revolutionizing how we protect our private domains.

Guardians of Home Privacy

The modern concept of home security extends far beyond locking doors and windows. Covert surveillance technologies have grown increasingly sophisticated, necessitating a more advanced approach to safeguarding our homes. Armed with innovative tools like the Cayman ST-402, home sweep services are at the forefront of this battle. With its multifaceted finder, locator, and detector capabilities, this technology empowers professionals to unveil hidden threats and protect our personal spaces like never before.

A Leap Beyond Traditional Detection

The Cayman ST-402's unparalleled efficacy stems from its non-linear detection technology. Unlike conventional detectors, which focus primarily on radio frequency signals, this cutting-edge tool takes a more holistic approach. By identifying electronic signatures emitted by various surveillance devices, the Cayman ST-402 increases the likelihood of uncovering even the most evasive threats, such as spy cameras, hidden voice recorders, and remote listening devices.

Spy Camera Detection

Spy cameras can turn our most private moments into subjects of intrusion. The Cayman ST-402's finder capabilities shine regarding these insidious devices. Detecting faint electromagnetic emissions, it identifies the presence of hidden cameras that might otherwise remain undetected. Its locator function then guides professionals to the precise source, allowing for prompt removal and restoration of privacy.

Hidden Voice Recorder Detection

Covert voice recorders can capture our conversations without consent, breaching the confines of our homes. The Cayman ST-402's detector abilities are instrumental in tackling this threat. It can identify irregular electronic currents associated with hidden voice recorders, enabling experts to pinpoint their exact locations. With the power to locate and neutralize these devices, the Cayman ST-402 ensures our conversations remain confidential.

Remote Listening Device Detection

Remote listening devices can silently eavesdrop on our lives, infringing upon our sense of security. The Cayman ST-402's capabilities extend to combating these invasive technologies as well. Its finder functionality detects the telltale electronic signals emitted by remote listening devices. Once located, its locator prowess guides professionals to their sources, allowing for their swift removal and reinstating the sense of safety that our homes should provide.

Elevating Home Security

The Cayman ST-402 Non-Linear Detector heralds a new era in home security, offering not just a tool but a comprehensive solution. Its combined finder, locator, and detector features empower sweep service professionals to tackle various covert threats. By deploying this technology, homeowners can actively participate in maintaining their privacy, reinforcing the notion that our homes are sanctuaries meant to be free from prying eyes and ears.

In a world where technology's ubiquity often comes at the expense of our privacy, the Cayman ST-402 Non-Linear Detector is a beacon of hope. Its ability to uncover hidden intrusions through its finder, locator, and detector functionalities positions it as a game-changer in home sweep services. By embracing this technology, individuals can reassert control over their personal spaces and thwart the increasing threat of covert surveillance. With the Cayman ST-402 at the forefront, we are better equipped to shield our homes, ensuring they remain secure sanctuaries in an otherwise interconnected world.


  • voice recorders
  • any types of switched off bugs
  • Any types of available on the market covert | hidden bugs
  • Spy Microphones
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Pinhole Cameras
  • Coverts Wireless Cameras
  • WIFI Cameras
  • Radio FM Microphones
  • Jammers
  • Remote Wireless Listening Device
  • GSM Listening Device
  • Listening Devices


Equipment used:

  • Non-linear detector
  • Wireless Bugs Detector
  • Camera detector
  • Customizable Camera with flashlight
  • other tools and accessories

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