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Ultra Long Lasting WIFI DVR Spy Camera DIYThe device is very flexible with recording. You can connect the wifi module directly to an outlet using the included USB cable or simply to a power bank (10000mAH or 20000mAh for the most extended recording time). The 256GB Memory card (Not included) allows ..
Ex Tax:$180.91
DIY WIFI Button Spy Hidden Camera - Wearable LIVE View RecorderThe mini spy camera is a DIY device that you can wear and record on the go. You can remotely monitor by connecting to the WIFI network using the main module; it connects you to the camera via antenna. You can connect your own personal ..
Ex Tax:$180.91
24/7 Continuous Recording WIFI DIY Hidden CameraThe DIY camera is a multifunctional spy device that you can install anywhere you need to start monitoring all kinds of activities in the space. The camera is an extended camera that can fit anywhere in a tight area whilst connecting to the main WIFI mo..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Vimel Wireless Home Security Outdoor Camera - Solar Powered 24/7 The Vimel VIM-IPSOLAR9 is a multi-functional security system that monitors your property 24/7 using continuous recording mode and wireless connection to stay in touch with you. This home security camera can be installed anywhere..
Ex Tax:$171.82
WIRELESS SPY Docking Station WIFI Camera - 24/7 Continuous Recording WIFI Connection Support - LIVE Stream Videos on your Mobile PhoneThe wireless docking station camera is a hidden recorder that you can set up in a home or inside a room and remotely monitor. Record evidence or proof of anyone s..
Ex Tax:$180.91
VIMEL 4G Protected Trail Camera Metalbox Solar Powered Connect and Receive Pictures using 4G / 3G Network SIM Card.Thanks to the SIM Card that inserts the device, the high-quality trail camera connects to your smartphone using a 4G/3G network. The device works remotely in any Australian environ..
Ex Tax:$480.91
Vimel  Powerbank Voice Recorder has everything you need to record audio on the go without bringing attention to yourself. It looks and works just like a portable smartphone charger, so you can use it almost anywhere without making a scene. It’s perfect for recording voices and conversations..
Ex Tax:$208.18
Professional WIFI Binoculars Camera with 36X Optical Zoom The newest high-end binoculars are out, offering you the flexibility to view objects and animals from the longest distance whilst maintaining the clarity and vision you want. Record videos and capture photos with these binoculars durin..
Ex Tax:$1,271.82
Vimel 4G Construction PTZ WIFI 5MP Camera - 30X Optical ZoomHuman Detection + Auto Tracking The camera tracks people zooming in and out automatically. Vimel 4G security camera SIM card operated solar powered construction human detection - YouTube Video will open in a new windowUsing the ..
Ex Tax:$981.82
WIRELESS Home Hidden Clock Camera - Longest Battery Life The Wireless spy clock camera records footage and stores it on a memory card (not included) once the PIR sensor detects either heat signature or motion through the sensors. You can remotely stream LIVE on your smartphone application on both A..
Ex Tax:$235.45
WIRELESS Hidden Wallet Camera Portable LIVE View 4KThe high-end wireless spy wallet camera is portable and designed for recording discretely anywhere you carry it with a WIFI network connection and LIVE view monitoring support. Watch videos LIVE in ULTRA HD 4K video quality in real-time. Access rem..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Wireless Smart Alert Home Security System Install this professional alarm system in your home to get full area coverage from all points of entry, this smart alert setup gives you the freedom to operate it remotely. You’re going to need more than just a security camera to keep your propert..
Ex Tax:$153.64
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Top-Notch Surveillance Equipment in Australia

Get incredible surveillance systems in Australia, with features like FULL HD , 2K , 4K support, night vision and remote view from Security Lab.

The fantastic gadgets of Mr. James Bond have finally become real and affordable in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney — all over Australia! Security Lab opens a door to the world of emerging surveillance systems. The third-party manufacturers supply the strongest, safest and user-friendly surveillance devices. All these innovative battery-operated and wireless products are offered at incredible prices. HD surveillance systems are capable of capturing the best camera images, video recording, night vision, FD quality, SIM card and remote view. Make your home or business a fortress thanks to our high-definition cameras with clear picture. Capture any information from the remote distance — this is the ultimate surveillance technologies in the 21st century.