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Vimel Dual Dash Camera with 24/7 Security Parking Mode - Hardwired Kit System Vimel VIM-LUXX7K  features 2 in 1 lens that captures both the road and the inside of the car, a portable slick design that has a deluxe touch upon operation. You may never know when you will need a prof..
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Vimel 4G Dual Dash GPS Camera - 24/7 Security Parking Guard This is an ultimate dual dash camera that uses all sorts of features to prevent the camera from both being damaged and stolen, and not only does it create security but to also capture any footage of evidence on the road whether ..
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4G WIFI Home-Vehicle Security Camera Are you being a business owner or a homeowner?  If yes, then you would most likely need the best security system. It is very essential to protect your property when you are away. The perfect solution for the security is to fit the webcam. Most webcam..
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Once of the best dash cameras on the market from SECURITYLAB You can get the mini 0805 dash camera on the market with a 1.5 inch LCD screen along with GPS capabilities. You can also get the pack with the superior features like ambarella A&LA50D chipset. This smallest camera will record..
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The Latest Genuine Version 0807 Dash Camera with GPS, Security Parking mode, Hardwired Kit You can record the footage in twin micro SD cards or you can also store the footage in a single SD card up to 128 GB. The looping feature will automatically come to the next card when the f..
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Dash Camera with 4K Video Resolution, WIFI and GPS functions.The best feature of VIM-LUXX5 is WDR function. This feature helps to balance the light on the day of high contrast or give the brightness on night time which helps to give the good footage and good clarity. You can also lock the footage..
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Dual Dash Camera Night Vision - 24/7 Security Parking Mode VIM-DLUXX4K is a dash camera that continuously works 24/7, monitoring your vehicle using time-lapse and collision sensors. The dash camera has various measures to capture the evidence caused by road incidents and collisions dur..
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Vimel Dual Dash Camera with Extra High Video Resolution, WIFI and GPS functions.Sony Starvis Image sensor The VIM-DASHK2S is a unique a model that has just the right amount of perfection in terms of features, it essentially has all the features necessary for it to withstand any environment esp..
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Vimel Dual Dash Camera with Extra High Video Resolution, WIFI and GPS functions. Using WIFI connection you will be able to LIVE stream away from your car, you may go out shopping but once the G-Sensor detects any impact or vandalism you will be instantly notified, watch over a person or even a..
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Dual Dash Camera with GPS loggerThe VIM-LUXX4 is the modern and most useful product which fulfils the demands and safety needs for the professional and commercial drivers. The VIM-LUXX4 is designed with the dual lens that means front full high definition and rear high definition. This cam will r..
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Dual Dash Camera Night Vision - ULTRA HD 4K VIM-DLUXX4K is the reliable road companion your car needs, helping you capture the on-road footage you need for entertainment and evidence use. This model has security features packed in to help you provide the evidence for potential road acci..
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Vimel Dual Dash Camera with OBD2 and Super Capacitor Vehicle surveillance is an essential factor to our car and there are moments when we don’t expect incidents or problems from occurring to that car. The VIM-DUALBIKE model is the dash camera you need to cover the road for you from evidence to..
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Those car owners who are searching for supreme dash cameras should look no further! Security Lab stocks these small digital video cameras. These cams are easily mountable to any car’s dashboard. Drivers use them for recording their journeys while a car is moving. Dash cameras have to be made of solid materials to prevent any mechanical damages from riding bumpy roads. A front or rear dash camera may capture a road accident, show the current car’s speed, its direction and even analyze the driver’s behavior. It is a must-have product for Australian drivers. Additionally, Security Lab offers Wi-Fi dash cams with LCD screens, security parking mode, night vision, 360-degree view, G sensor for impact detection, suction mount, and anti-vandal system. Thanks to this dash cam with a hardwired kit, you’ll be able to transfer video directly to your phone in 2K or 4K. Its a good idea to install a car video camera to record everything going on the road. It comes in handy while you hit an accident and gives you an idea what's actually going on. A car camera offers a lot of advantages especially for individuals who own big size automobile like a RV, truck, or SUV. Its extremely beneficial to prevent accidents that occur when reversing an automobile. Many models of auto camera are equipped with parking sensors that emit sound to alert when the car is close to any barrier or object. This feature is suitable to accurately gauge when parking in crowed or crammed areas. The data captured on the monitor serves as video evidence to decrease insurance premiums, solve accidental claims and other disputes in a faster manner. Driving safely with confidence knowing that video of your travels is being recorded and is there when you need it. Uses for the car camera range from personal pleasure to capturing evidence for your insurance company or law enforcement agency. There are many benefits to use the car cameras. Not only will the system protect you as you are driving, it will also act as a car security device when your vehicle is parked. It is good to have an auto camera which will provide you the pictures of your vehicle inside and outside.