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Do you need a dependable and budget-friendly GPS tracker to monitor your loved ones and belongings? Look no further than Securitylab, where we offer a wide assortment of top-quality GPS trackers from renowned brands with fast and convenient delivery options.

With Securitylab's advanced free subscription GPS software, you can effortlessly engage in real-time tracking of your family members, pets, and valuables from anywhere. Our latest GPS technology ensures you stay connected with your loved ones and have peace of mind, knowing they are safe and secure.

Our GPS trackers are designed for ease of use and come in various styles and designs to cater to your needs. Our comprehensive GPS features include geofencing, which lets you set virtual boundaries and receive notifications when your loved ones leave or enter safe areas. We also provide speed monitoring to ensure safe driving practices and mobile app access for convenient tracking from your smartphone or tablet. Our products have an SOS button allowing you to swiftly request assistance in an emergency.

We provide various 4G GPS tracking services, including GPS fleet tracking, fuel monitoring, and driver's behaviour reporting, all without lock-in contracts or additional data charges. Our GPS trackers are compatible with Android and Apple phones, and we offer different types of GPS trackers to suit your needs, including asset-tracking devices and personal GPS trackers for kids, pets, and cars.

Check out Vimel's tracker's key features:

Rechargeable battery

These trackers have a built-in battery that can be easily recharged using a power source such as a USB charger or a hardwired kit. The rechargeable feature eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, reducing environmental impact and long-term operating costs. Vimel GPS trackers with rechargeable batteries are unlike trackers that rely solely on a constant power source; those with rechargeable batteries offer the advantage of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Hardwired kit type

Vimel GPS trackers with a hardwired kit are ideal for those who want to install a device in their vehicle permanently. If you compare it with a portable tracker, this system is connected directly to the vehicle's power source using a hardwired kit. This feature ensures the device has a continuous and reliable power supply, making replacing batteries or recharging frequently unnecessary. The hardwired setup provides a more stable and permanent solution, making it suitable for long-term tracking of vehicles or assets.

Waterproof feature

A GPS tracker with weather-resistant and waterproof features can withstand challenging environmental conditions. These trackers have protective housing and seals to guard against moisture, rain, and dust, ensuring reliable operation in various weather conditions. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, marine navigation, and vehicle tracking.

Anti Theft

Vimel GPS tracker with anti-theft functions can deter and prevent theft by incorporating security features. These trackers typically include geo fencing capabilities, allowing users to define virtual boundaries. If the tracker moves outside these predefined areas, an alert is triggered. Additionally, some models have remote engine immobilization features, enabling users to turn off the vehicle remotely in case of theft. These anti-theft GPS trackers enhance security by providing real-time location monitoring and promoting proactive measures to prevent unauthorized use or recovery of stolen assets.

Live listening

The live listening function of GPS trackers allows users to listen remotely to the surrounding environment of the tracker in real time. This feature provides an additional layer of surveillance, enabling users to monitor audio from the tracker's location discreetly.

Strong Magnet

A GPS tracker with a magnet is a compact device designed for easy attachment to metallic surfaces. The built-in magnet ensures secure placement, making it discreet and versatile for tracking vehicles, assets, or personal items. This feature allows for quick installation, adaptability to various surfaces.

Securitylab has got you covered. So why wait? Buy your modern GPS tracker directly from Securitylab today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and secure. Feel free to know everything about every move of your cars, trucks, caravans, trailers, friends, relatives and favourite pets. Ensure your objects’ security! Buy direct gps trackers from Securitylab.

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Essential features include real-time tracking, geofencing, battery life, and compatibility with tracking platforms. Advanced features may include anti-theft functions, live listening, and weather resistance.

Yes, personal GPS trackers are frequently used to monitor the whereabouts of children or elderly family members. They often come with features like geofencing and panic buttons for added safety.

The water resistance level varies among different trackers. Manufacturers design some trackers to withstand rain and splashes, but not all are appropriate for full submersion. You can find information on water resistance in the product specifications.

A magnetic GPS tracker contains a magnet that enables users to attach it easily to metal surfaces. People often use it for discreet vehicle tracking and asset monitoring purposes.

Yes, most GPS trackers store historical location data, allowing users to review past routes and locations. This feature helps analyze movement patterns over time.

Tracking frequency, usage of additional features, and the type of tracker can influence the battery life. You can extend the operational time using rechargeable battery models and power-saving settings.

Some GPS trackers come with live listening features, allowing users to remotely listen to the surroundings of the tracker. This can be beneficial for security and surveillance applications.

Yes, many GPS trackers offer anti-theft features, such as geofencing, engine immobilization, and instant alerts. These functionalities enhance security and aid in recovering stolen vehicles or assets.

Geofencing is a feature that allows users to set virtual boundaries. When the tracker enters or exits these predefined areas, alerts are triggered. It's valuable for monitoring movement in specific locations.

The effectiveness of GPS trackers in remote areas depends on the availability of satellite signals. Some trackers use a combination of GPS and cellular networks for wider coverage.

A Pet GPS tracker is a device designed to monitor the location of pets, such as dogs or cats. It provides real-time tracking and helps reunite lost pets with their owners.