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Hidden Camera Detectors

Reliable counter surveillance tools from Securitylab are great for detecting unwanted spying devices, including spy camera detectors, listening devices, and bug detectors. Our comprehensive range includes cutting-edge camera detector devices, bug sweepers, and camera locators.

In addition to offering top-notch counter-surveillance tools, we provide professional counter-surveillance services in Australia, covering major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Our services utilize high-quality devices such as non-linear detectors, thermal cameras, and other special TSMC equipment to ensure privacy and security.

Information security is paramount for businesses of all sizes, from corporations to small business owners and law enforcement teams. Securitylab caters to various clients, offering a variety of professional counter-surveillance tools. These sophisticated devices are purpose-built to identify and safeguard against unauthorized surveillance activities. Safeguard your privacy with our selection of GPS tracker detectorsbug findersanti-spy systems, and noise generators.

Our range of counter-surveillance devices offers tailored security for both homes and businesses. Today, you can conveniently purchase a spy detector directly from Securitylab and enjoy enhanced privacy and peace of mind.

iProtect1217 Multi-factional Camera detectorThe newest iProtect bug detector is here. The iProtect 1217 model detects all kinds of wireless spy devices and electronic cameras hidden inside any surface. It detects a transmission from WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, 3G GSM, 5G and many more with at least 26..
Ex Tax:$4,454.55
iProtect 1216 Camera Detector   This is a high-quality and professional Wireless Camera Detector with scanning. Do you have the feeling that somebody is watching you? Have you ever seen a car close to you at night that takes the same turns and Roads you do for longer than would be appropr..
Ex Tax:$1,150.00
Spy Camera Detector iProtect 1207i  Step into a new realm of privacy protection with the advanced Protect 1207i Counter-Surveillance Device. Created to thwart illegal eavesdropping attempts, this device harnesses cutting-edge technology to detect various surveillance protocols. ..
Ex Tax:$986.36
Non-linear Junction Detector Cayman ST-401 (403)  A non-linear junction detector (NLJD) is a sophisticated device for detecting and localising electronic components hidden within various objects or structures. Its primary function is to identify the presence of semiconductors, transistors, dio..
Ex Tax:$11,818.18
Cayman ST-402 Non-Linear DetectorDiscover an innovative solution to safeguard your privacy and security with the Cayman ST-402 Non-Linear Detector. This cutting-edge device is designed to detect a wide range of covert surveillance threats, including spy voice recorders, hidden cameras, spy cameras, ..
Ex Tax:$11,818.18
Protect 1205M Counter-Surveillance Device iProtect 1205 Pen style RF detector - YouTube Video will open in a new window Paste link into a browser window: [isdntekvideo] .ytvideo * { box-sizing:border-box; } .ytvideo { margin:.5em .5em 40px .5em; max-width:480px; font-family:ar..
Ex Tax:$362.73
Advanced Spy Camera Detector Sweeper - 007PROStay one step ahead in safeguarding your privacy with the cutting-edge 007PRO Spy Camera Detector Sweeper. Designed to track down hidden tapping devices through the intricate realm of radio frequency signals, this device employs innovative technology to e..
Ex Tax:$244.55
Protect 1206i camera detector Introducing the Protect 1206i, a cutting-edge counter surveillance device that redefines bug detection. Unlike conventional searching tools, this device is engineered to identify contemporary 'hidden' bugs utilizing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols. Often elusive to..
Ex Tax:$763.64
Bug Detector Professional Wireless Spy Camera Finder 5G/4G/3G/GSMIntroducing the Professional Bug Detector: Your Ultimate Counter Surveillance Solution In an era of unprecedented technological advancements, the need for privacy and security has never been more critical. Whet..
Ex Tax:$900.00
Professional GPS tracker detector - Portable and Hand-HeldYour privacy matters, and you can now confidently safeguard it with the Professional Wireless GPS Bug Detector. Hidden spy gadgets have become adept at eluding conventional detection methods, posing a threat to your security. This cutting-ed..
Ex Tax:$445.45
PHONE Safe Ultra - Detector of Illegal Mobile Phone Activation with Protection Function Embrace cutting-edge home surveillance with the PHONE Safe Ultra, a modern marvel in the realm of mobile phone security. Engineered to detect illicit activities and wrongdoings, this discreet device can be ins..
Ex Tax:$627.27
Professional camera detector device with Jammer Function of voice recorders Elevate your security game and safeguard your privacy with the Professional Bugs, Wired and Wireless Spy Cameras Finder. In a world where privacy is a luxury, this cutting-edge bug detector is your potent weapon against int..
Ex Tax:$609.09
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A Spy Camera Detector is a device designed to identify hidden cameras. It typically uses technology to detect radio frequencies, lens reflections, or infrared signals, providing visual or audible alerts when a hidden camera is detected.

The Spy Camera Detector scans your surroundings for hidden cameras. This helps you identify and prevent unauthorized surveillance, protecting your privacy in hotel rooms, offices, and changing areas.

A Bug Sweeper is a device used to detect and locate electronic eavesdropping devices such as hidden microphones or other listening devices. It works by identifying radio frequency signals that may indicate the presence of such devices.

Bug Sweepers scan an area for radio frequency signals from electronic devices. When they detect unusual RF signals, they alert the user and allow the user to locate and neutralize potential listening devices.

A Non-Linear Detector, also known as a Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD), is a device that helps locate electronic components concealed within objects. Identifying hidden cameras or microphones, even with no power, can bring many benefits.

Spy Camera Detectors can identify a variety of hidden cameras, including wireless, wired, pinhole, and cameras with infrared capabilities.

Electronic devices called Spy Camera Detectors help people locate hidden cameras and other covert surveillance gadgets. People widely use these detectors in private residences, hotel rooms, offices, dressing rooms, and other spaces where individuals want to ensure that no one violates their privacy by unauthorized surveillance. Spy Camera Detectors detect radio frequency signals emitted by hidden cameras and alert the user of their location. Maintaining confidentiality and preventing illegal surveillance becomes possible with the help of these essential tools.

The Spy GPS Tracker Finder scans the surrounding area for GPS signals from tracking devices. When a signal is detected, the device provides alerts, allowing the user to pinpoint and remove the hidden tracker.

A Spy Camera Lens Finder is a tool that helps you detect hidden camera lenses. It uses various technologies, such as reflection analysis and infrared detection, to identify covert camera lenses. When you sweep the area, the device alerts you with either a sound or visual cue when it detects a camera lens.

A Voice Jammer is a device used to protect private conversations from being secretly recorded without consent. It creates noise that disrupts the clarity of audio recordings, making it difficult for nearby recording devices to capture clear audio.