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Vimel Wireless Floodlight Motion Activated Camera The flood light camera is the best urban security camera as it has all the best features you need to cover the property from intrusion of all sorts. Security is vital for all urban houses at this time of our lives as you can never know when sec..
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Wireless Smart Alert Home Security System Install this professional alarm system in your home to get full area coverage from all points of entry, this smart alert setup gives you the freedom to operate it remotely. You’re going to need more than just a security camera to keep your propert..
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Wireless Vimel 4G Alarm Home Security System Central Hub - Wireless Network ConnectionThe VIMEL hub is the central alarm system hub that acts as the primary unit that notifies you remotely once an alarm has been triggered. The wireless hub supports dual network connection using either your Ho..
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Wireless 4G Vimel Alarm Home Security System - Security Camera Central Hub - Wireless Network ConnectionVimel central hub is the primary device connected with all the sensors set up around the house. The central hub uses a wireless home network, including the WIFI router to communicate betwee..
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Wireless 4G Vimel Alarm Home Security System - Smoke Detector Central Hub - Wireless Network ConnectionVimel central hub is the primary device connected with all the sensors set up around the house. The central hub uses a wireless home network, including the WIFI router to communicate between..
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Indoor SIM card camera - no monthly fees or subscription! Free Cloud!Introduction:Are you planned to go on a long trip for your summer vacation? But dropped the plan for the house security problem? Don’t worry, the latest and new indoor SIM card camera make your house safer and secure. You just i..
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Ultimate Solution for Home Security Contry/'Holidays Houses - 3G camera + Wireless Sensors ( PIR and Door) Just insert 3G SIM card and watch live video from any part of the world. No need home Internet connection for the camera - just works with SIM card 3G Optus , 3G Vodafone DATA SIM cards s..
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4G Wireless Security Home IP Camera - LIVE VIEW Remote PlaybackNO WIFI at home?  Get Vimel 4G Indoor Camera - it can work with SIM card. Ultimate VIMEL Home Security 4G, WIFI Alarm System  - Full 4G BAND support - works in any country Works with Telstra, Vodafone, Optus. Also can wor..
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Vimel 4G Security Camera Indoor SIM card As a normal family, it is your duty to go on a holiday trip with your family to enjoy the rest and release all that built-up, but what’s keep you from enjoying that trip is the house related issues involving security and intrusion. Intrusion is best dealt..
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VIMEL Alarm System Smoke Detector The smoke detector is a perfect addition to your central hub. The smoke has an accurate measuring smoke system that can detect smoke concentration levels, triggering alarms instantly and notifying you remotely through the central hub. The smoke detector can a..
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VIMEL IP Alarm System Window/Door SensorThe sensor mounts anywhere on windows and doors as long as both the devices are horizontally attached magnetically.This sensor is a perfect addition to the VIM-4GALARM system, giving your home security around the whole property, leaving no weak entry points. T..
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VIMEL IP Alarm System Camera The perfect Alarm system needs a security camera that can monitor your home visually, especially outside. Your home may be protected from the inside, but there is still an area to cover from the outside. The camera has all the features fo an ideal security c..
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Most security systems offered at Security Lab are top-notch devices. We offer the newest editions of alarm systems — both hard-wired and wireless equipment.


Are you looking for the most reliable alarm security systems 3G 4G GSM WCDMA in Australia? Security Lab specializes in multiple alarm systems, including mobile phone monitoring equipment, remote mobile spyware, home alarms with SIM cards, 4G/3G wireless devices along with door sensors. Motion and smoke detectors along with loud and sensor-based panels also feature the smart systems of installation. You won’t have to use specialists for installation of these detectors. Just order one of our smart alarm systems GSM to improve your home security and make it unbreakable.

Security Lab is your answer to all questions about alarm security systems all over Australia!