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Listening Audio Devices

Vimel Covert Mini Voice Recorder This VIMEL USB mini voice recorder is an effective gadget, it is designed to record audio in all sorts of occasions because it is so small and compact, like most voice recorders may be an issue due to their structural bulky design however, this USB is like a t..
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Long Battery Audio Voice Recorder Noise Reduction Functionality Such extraordinary device could no longer just be about simplistic recording, no matter how small it is, it will pack a whole lot of power, the device continuous recording lasts up to 84 hours which is plenty, you can use ..
Ex Tax:$180.91
Vimel best pen camera with XHD resolution and crystal clear video recording Vimel Spy Hidden Pen Camera Vim P02 1080 - YouTube Video will open in a new windowUsing the eBay App? Paste link into a browser window: [isdntekvideo] .ytvideo * { box-sizing:border-box; } .ytvideo {..
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Anti-Bullying VIMEL Voice Recorder for KidsDiscrete and Comfortable This VIMEL Voice recorder watch is a perfect Anti-bullying evidence recorder for your child. The digital watch sits comfortably around any hand and is easily accessible for recording, with just one press of a button the voice record..
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Vimel Personal Smart Watch Voice Recorder This is the ideal watch for discrete investigations. Modern watches are multifunctional combined into being an emerging technology. However this watch is not the ordinary one you find from other people, it simply performs the task of recording audio and ..
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Being the the smallest camera on the market, this camera can record videos at 1920 x 1080p high-end resolution, not only that but motion detection also collaborates so that the device can detect and automatically record at any motion, use this device to record meetings, conversations, interviews ..
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Personal Smart Watch Voice Recorder Watches have become more than just accessories we use to keep up with time. Modern versions use emerging technologies such as voice recording features. This model is the ideal model for discrete use and for its ergonomic design, assuring that you can use it ..
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Spy Pen Camera Hidden HD 1080P Digital Voice Recorder AustraliaThe Best Spy Way is the Pen WayIn this day and age, there is no reason to have to worry about what is going on in your home or office. This is They make some of the best 1080 because in Australia, They make some of the best video audi..
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  Change Resolution to 720P before watching This is not an ordinary pen. Yeah, it’s not only used for writing but it also has a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with HD camera which can be used to capture/ produce high-resolution photos and video with sound. Within the pen the..
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SpyPen Camera with Night Vision Australia SpyPen Camera with Night Vision Australia
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Surveillance – security with precision using spy pen High tech audio video recording spy pen camera can record full HD 1080p or capture the shots. It is important to have a spy camera definitely in a home or office for monitoring so that you can protect your valuable things as well as the pe..
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Vimel best pen camera with XHD resolution and crystal clear video recording Spy pen camera – a pen for writing, a pen for surveillance A spy pen or spy pen camera is an ordinary pen integrated with a digital hidden camera inside, which allows the user to capture the videos. This pen can be..
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Hand-Held Wireless Bluetooth Voice Recorder for Mobile Phone Calls This voice recorder is unique with how it operates and we need voice recorders that operate more discretely and wirelessly. Using this voice recorder removes the trouble of having to use inefficient devices that both record and l..
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Capture High-Quality Audio with the Latest Listening Devices

A vast choice of legal listening devices is available for the Security Lab customers in Australia. Today you can buy any listening device without any problems.

Why do you need a listening device if you are not an Australian spy? The answer is both simple and extensive. Let’s assume you need to record a conversation in a hidden manner, without any witnesses. You buy one of listening devices from Security Lab and use it for recording conferences, phone calls, meetings, etc. Most listening devices available in our catalog have the sound amplifiers and micro voice recorders. We even got you covered if you are looking for a pen voice recorder. Our top-notch surveillance and security systems for homes/business are offered at reasonable prices 24/7. Place an order and get your USB drive listening device or remote listening device in a few days anywhere in Australia!