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Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera

Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera
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Spy Camera Digital Clock Wireless Phone Charger

The Spy Camera Digital Clock Wireless Phone Charger is an excellent option if you are looking for an advanced home security solution. This device is discreet yet highly effective, combining functionality and surveillance features.

The innovative design of this device allows it to act as a wireless charging station for your smartphone while also concealing a hidden camera. This makes it ideal for safeguarding your home against potential intrusion or theft. Rest assured that our powerful features protect your house while maintaining style and convenience.

Wireless Charging Station for the Smartphone

Imagine having a wireless charging station that charges your phone and acts as a hidden camera. The Mini Spy Camera Digital Clock Wireless Phone Charger discreetly captures evidence while blending in with your home environment. It offers a comprehensive security system to address your concerns about intrusion or theft. What makes this charging station unique is its ability to double as an alarm clock, making it an inconspicuous addition to your home while providing the convenience of a wireless charger for your smartphone.

Wireless Charger WIFI Alarm Clock Spy Camera

WIFI Connection Network - Monitor LIVE using your Mobile Phone

Gone are the days of relying solely on recorded footage. With the Wifi Spy Camera Digital Clock, you can elevate your home security to the next level by establishing a WIFI connection network. This enables you to monitor live streams remotely on your mobile phone. Take control of the hidden camera's settings and functions through a dedicated application, allowing you to customise its operation to suit your needs.

Stay connected and informed with real-time surveillance, Whether at work, on vacation, or simply in another room. The seamless integration of WIFI connectivity ensures that you have the power to remotely operate and modify the spy camera with audio, providing unparalleled flexibility and control.

Motion Detection Sensor - Receive Alert Notifications

Recording hours of footage can be overwhelming, especially when searching for specific evidence. Enter the motion detection sensor, a game-changer in home security. This hidden camera doesn't just record continuously; it intelligently identifies motion and instantly captures the scene. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that the camera will record and notify you immediately if an intruder enters your space.

No more sifting through endless footage – the Spy Camera for Home Digital Clock takes proactive measures to keep you informed. Your smartphone will receive pop-up alert notifications, ensuring prompt alerts to any suspicious activity and enabling a timely response to potential threats.

Multifaceted Features - Beyond Ordinary Surveillance

The Mini Wifi Camera Phone Charger transcends the conventional expectations of a spy clock camera. Its multifaceted features make it an invaluable addition to your home security arsenal. Operating as an alarm clock, wireless charger, and hidden security camera, this device seamlessly integrates into your daily life, effortlessly blending into any room.

Its unassuming design ensures that the Surveillance Camera Digital Clock is discreet and inconspicuous, allowing it to fulfil its role as a hidden spy camera without drawing attention. This device isn't just a security solution; it's a lifestyle enhancement that prioritises functionality and subtlety.

Embrace Modern Home Security

As a homeowner, it's crucial to have a reliable and efficient home security system. The Nanny Cam Digital Clock Wireless Phone Charger is a revolutionary product that can change how you protect your home. This multifunctional device offers more than a clock and a wireless phone charger.

With its WIFI connectivity and motion detection sensor, it's the perfect tool to keep an eye on your home, even when you're away. The device's sleek and sophisticated design blends seamlessly into any room, making it a discreet yet effective security solution.

Embrace modern home security with our innovative Secret Camera Digital Clock, where functionality meets discretion. Trust in this discreet yet powerful device to redefine your expectations and provide the comprehensive protection your home deserves. Because when it comes to security, staying one step ahead is not just an option; it's a necessity.


  • Full HD 1080p Video Resolution
  • WIFI Network Connection
  • Connect and LIVE Stream Videos using your Smart Phone (Android / iOS)
  • Sends Alert Pop-Up Notifications on motion detection
  • Wireless Charging Station For the Mobile Phone - Wired / Wireless
  • Bluetooth Connection - Play Music and Audio through the Speaker
  • Powerful IR Night Vision
  • Ultra Wide 150° View Angle
  • Adjustable Speaker Volume
  • Alarm Clock Function - Set Alarm ON / OFF
  • Motion Detection Recording
  • Micro SD Card Support
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • Resolution: FULL HD 1080p (2MP)
  • View Angle: 160°
  • Motion Detection Range: 6m
  • Continuous Recording: 24 Hours
  • Interface Type: 2A USB
  • WIFI Network: Supports 2.4GHz Wireless Band Only
  • Micro SD Card Support: 128GB (Not Included)
  • Power Consumption: 12V/1A
  • Charging Voltage: DC 12V
  • Battery Charging Time: 5-6 Hours
  • Dimension: 150mmx130mx65mm


  • 1 X WIFI Alarm Clock Camera
  • 1 x Micro SD Card Reader
  • 1 x USB AC Wall Charger (Adapter)
  • 1 x User Manual

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