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Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller

Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
Hidden Camera Button Mini Remote Controller
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Smallest Button Camera Remote Controller

In an era where security is more crucial than ever, having a discreet and reliable surveillance tool is essential, so we are introducing the Mini Spy Car Button Camera. This innovative and versatile device provides top-notch surveillance while remaining completely inconspicuous. This powerful spy camera, disguised as an ordinary button, offers various advanced features, making it an ideal choice for different security needs. Let’s delve into the unique features that set this mini spy camera apart and make it a must-have for modern surveillance.

24/7 Continuous Recording While Plugged-In

One of the most critical aspects of any surveillance device is its ability to provide continuous monitoring. The Mini Spy Car Button Camera excels with its 24/7 continuous recording capability when plugged into a power source. This ensures that the camera can operate without interruption, capturing every moment around the clock. Whether you’re using it for home security, office monitoring, or personal safety, this feature guarantees that no significant event goes unnoticed.

DIY Wearable Button Device

The Button Hidden Camera stands out with its DIY wearable design. It can be easily installed as a button on your clothes, making it the perfect tool for discreet surveillance. Whether attending a meeting, walking through a crowded area, or conducting an undercover operation, this camera remains unnoticed while capturing high-quality footage. Its unassuming appearance ensures that it blends seamlessly into your attire, providing you with a covert recording solution.

Wireless Remote Controller 2.4G

Convenience and ease of use are paramount for best spy cameras, and the Mini Spy Car Button Camera doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a 2.4G wireless remote controller, allowing you to start and stop recordings without drawing attention to yourself. This remote functionality adds a layer of convenience, enabling you to control the camera effortlessly from a distance. Whether wearing the camera or placing it stationary, the wireless remote ensures smooth and discreet operation.

FULL HD 1080p Video Recording

Video quality is crucial when it comes to surveillance. The Mini Spy Car Button Camera delivers with its FULL HD 1080p video recording capability. This high-definition recording ensures that every detail is captured with clarity and precision. From facial features to small objects, the 1080p resolution provides clear and detailed footage essential for identifying and documenting critical events. High-quality video output is indispensable whether you use the camera for security or personal documentation.

Loop Recording Support

Do you want more storage space? The Home Security Camera addresses this concern with its loop recording support. This feature automatically lets the camera overwrite the oldest footage with new recordings. Loop recording ensures you always have the most recent footage available without manual intervention. This continuous recording method is handy for long-term surveillance, providing hassle-free operation and ensuring you never miss important moments.

Memory Card Storage Support

The Button Camera supports Micro SD Card storage for extensive recording needs. This feature allows you to expand the camera’s storage capacity significantly, ensuring ample space to store your footage. Insert a compatible memory card, and the camera is ready to capture hours of high-quality video. The support for memory card storage ensures that your surveillance efforts are not limited by storage constraints, providing a reliable solution for long-term monitoring.

Rechargeable Battery

The Button Wireless Camera has a rechargeable battery, enhancing its portability and flexibility. This built-in battery ensures the camera can operate even in locations without a constant power source. Whether you’re on the move or in a situation where plugging in is not an option, the rechargeable battery provides continuous operation. When the battery runs low, recharge it to keep your surveillance going. This feature makes the camera a versatile tool for various settings and applications.

Home Security

Enhance your home security using the Mini Spy Car Button Camera to monitor entrances, living spaces, or other critical areas. Its discreet design ensures it remains unnoticed, providing covert surveillance to keep your home safe.

Office Monitoring

Keep an eye on your office environment with this inconspicuous camera. Whether monitoring employee activities or securing sensitive areas, the Mini Spy Car Button Camera provides reliable and discreet surveillance.

Personal Safety

For personal safety, especially during commutes or in potentially dangerous situations, wearing the Mini Spy Car Button Camera as a button on your clothes can provide an extra layer of security. It captures everything around you, offering peace of mind and valuable evidence if needed.

Undercover Investigations

The Mini Spy Car Button Camera is invaluable for private investigators or law enforcement professionals conducting undercover operations. Its ability to blend in with everyday attire ensures you can gather information without raising suspicion.

The Mini Spy Car Button Camera is a cutting-edge surveillance device that combines advanced technology with practical design. Its array of features, including 24/7 continuous recording, FULL HD 1080p video recording, loop recording support, memory card storage, and a rechargeable battery, make it a versatile and powerful tool for various security needs. The DIY wearable design and wireless remote controller add layers of convenience and discretion, ensuring that you can monitor your surroundings effectively without drawing attention.

Whether you want to enhance your home security, monitor your office, ensure personal safety, or conduct undercover investigations, the Mini Spy Car Button Camera provides a reliable, high-quality surveillance solution. Invest in this innovative device today and experience the peace of mind of knowing you have a powerful and discreet security tool.


  • 24/7 Continue Recording while Plugged-In
  • DIY Wearable Spy Camera - Install it as a Button on Clothes
  • Wireless Remote Controller 2.4G
  • FULL HD 1080p Video Recording
  • Loop Recording Support
  • Memory Card Storage Support
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080p 30FPS
  • Remote Control Range: Up to 4m
  • Video Format: AVI
  • Picture Format: M-JPEG
  • View Angle: 72
  • Micro SD Card: Up to 128GB
  • Battery Capacity: 250mAH
  • Continuous Recording: Up to 90 minutes
  • Charging Voltage: DC 5V1A
  • Charging Interface: Mini USB
  • Weight 13gr
  • Dimension : 1


  • 1 x Mini Button Spy Camera
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x Button Accessories
  • 1 x Micro SD Card Reader
  • 1 x USB Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual / User Guide


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