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Advanced Spy Camera Detector Listening Device GPS Finder

Advanced Spy Camera Detector Listening Device GPS Finder
Advanced Spy Camera Detector Listening Device GPS Finder
Advanced Spy Camera Detector Listening Device GPS Finder
Advanced Spy Camera Detector Listening Device GPS Finder
Advanced Spy Camera Detector Listening Device GPS Finder
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  • Model: VIM-DETECTOR09
  • Weight: 400.00g
  • Dimensions: 19.50cm x 13.00cm x 6.50cm
  • UPC: 600190671150

5G support

The most advanced Vimel Spy Bugs Detector with digital tuner. It can detect not only the wireless camera but also wired cams unlike others which can detect only wireless cameras

Introducing privacy into your life. You didn't know you didn't have any? Well, I hate to break the news to you but the truth is nobody has privacy anymore. That is until a spy camera listening device detector GPS finder came out on the market. get somebody's surveillance squash with extremely high detection counter-surveillance techniques that come from the world's top military teams. This is a 3G 4G 5G covert bugs detection specialist. It even has a digital tuner as well as being the only counter surveillance detector that can find wired cameras that spy on you as well as wireless cameras that are spying on you.

You never expect the hidden microphone to be the right insight. This bug detector gets both Wireless analog as well as digital cameras and IP cameras. It is a sophisticated signal jammer and comes with a remote control that you can put on your cell phone to control the device from far away.A uses the system of emitting light for the counter-surveillance device to scroll through the room it's in. Then the camera kicks in and focuses all the light to reflect where the Spy light is coming from and give away its coordinates to the counter-surveillance team AKA it could be you. This is an extremely new technology that is generated from the military and used to be a complete secret to the public. Now anyone can protect themselves from spying eyes and ears. You don't have to worry about someone coming after you for being you making a mistake and saying something silly.

It has two types of warning mode a stronger signal and a weaker signal. it also gives you the status of the battery and how much life you have left on it. It will detect GSM 3G 4G bugs and spy cameras with ease. It also comes with a complete battery and charging station and adaptation to the environment that it's in. It is truly a top-notch counter-surveillance device

The detector is a VERSATILE RF signal finder is able to find all the wireless (RF Radio Frequency) devices during 50 MHz ~ 6.0GHz, including GSM phone, 3G / 4G /5G smartphone, standby registration signal, WiFi, wireless  bug (hidden microphone),  wireless analog & digital cameras, IP  camera, signal jammers and, new bug and new spy camera remote controlled by cellphone.

The detector emits light for  user to scan the room. The lens of camera will focus the light and  brightly reflect the incident light and will reveal its position to the  user.




  • Advanced model with 5G support
  • To the hotel for the trip home, family group
  • Business Meetings
  • Detecting the wireless wiretap in car, office, conference, room, dressing room, bathroom, hotel, recreation ground, military establishment or government and so on..
  • Checking whether existing electromagnetic in working place or accommodation. 
  • Detecting home appliances aging or not (such as microwave oven), leaking or not.
  • Easily concealed cameras taking beauty of the woman
  • Consumption of those who try a variety of shopping malls
  • Respect for their privacy and privacy of persons with others
  • Contacts, keeping trade secrets of the person
  • Trade secrets and technical secret places of security personnel
  • Anti-photographed, anti-eavesdropping professionals


  • Self test
  • 2 Warnings modes
  • Signal warning (Hi Signal)
  • EXPERT 5G, 4G, 3G detection
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Standby / Idle Phone Registration Detection




Detecting range

Detecting range 50 MHz ~ 6.0 GHz
 Dimension L 11.6 x W 7 x T 3.3 cm (not include antenna)
 Weight About 170g (not include battery)
 Power 1. 5V DC switching power adaptor
 2. AAA / UM-4 rechargeable battery or dry battery x 4
 Warning mode 1. LED indication               2. Beep alarm sound
 3. Acoustic display          4. Vibration
 5. Earphone silent detection
 Sensitivity Tuner 1.   Adjust detecting distance to find signal source
 2.   Eliminate the environment interference 
 Detecting Distance Wireless bug (2mW) up to 20 feet (beep)
 up to 15 feet (acoustic)
 10mW 2.4GHz Wireless camera up to 20 feet
 10mW 5.8GHz Wireless camera up to  3 feet
 GSM Cell phone up to 50 feet
 Smartphone up to 14 feet
 5G/ 4G/3G 2100 cell network up to  25 feet



  • 1 x Detector
  • 1 x User manual
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