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Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini

Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini
Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini
Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini
Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini
Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini
Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini
Spy Voice Audio Recorder Mini
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Mini USB Flash Drive Spy Voice Recorder

Are you in need of a discreet and reliable solution for recording audio in various situations? Look no further than our range of spy voice recorder devices. Whether you require a micro spy voice recorder or a mini voice recorder spy, we have you covered. Our selection includes small spy voice recorders that are compact, lightweight, and highly efficient, allowing you to capture important moments with ease.

One of the key features of our spy voice recorder lineup is their inconspicuous design. From the smallest voice recorder hidden spy to the mini spy voice recorder, our devices are designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Whether you need to discreetly record conversations in a professional setting or capture audio evidence without detection, our spy voice recorders are up to the task.

In addition to their stealthy design, our spy voice recorder devices boast advanced features such as voice activation and digital sound quality. With a spy digital voice recorder, you can enjoy crystal-clear audio recordings that capture every detail with precision. Whether you're recording lectures, meetings, or personal memos, our spy voice-activated recorder ensures that you never miss a word.

Furthermore, our spy voice recorder devices are highly versatile and easy to use. Whether you're a student looking for a mini voice recorder spy for school projects or a professional in need of a small spy voice recorder for business meetings, our devices offer reliable performance in any situation. With features such as up to 7 hours of continuous recording and support for USB flash drive functionality, our spy voice recorder devices are the perfect choice for anyone in need of discreet audio recording capabilities.

When you buy a spy voice recorder from us, you can rest assured that you're getting a high-quality product that delivers exceptional performance. Whether you choose a micro voice recorder spy or a mini USB flash drive spy voice recorder, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your recordings are secure and reliable. Upgrade your audio recording capabilities today with our range of spy voice recorder devices.

USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder

Introducing our spy voice recorder device designed as a mini USB flash drive, combining discreteness with functionality. 

High-Quality Recording

With a focus on delivering superior performance, this voice recorder spy ensures crystal-clear recordings in various environments. 

Good Battery Life

Experience uninterrupted recording sessions with our spy voice recorder, boasting an impressive battery life that lasts for up to 7 hours of continuous recording.

Up to 7 Hours of Continuous Recording

This mini spy voice recorder guarantees extended recording durations, ideal for capturing lengthy meetings, lectures, or important conversations.

Digital Sound

Immerse yourself in clear and detailed audio recordings with our small spy voice recorder, offering an astonishing digital sound quality.

Small and Lightweight (19 g)

Designed for portability and convenience, this micro spy voice recorder weighs only 19 grams, making it effortless to carry with you wherever you go.


The compact design of our micro voice recorder spy allows for easy portability, ensuring you're always prepared to capture crucial moments on the go.

Great for Work and School

Enhance your productivity at work or school with our spy digital voice recorder, offering remarkable playback sound and reliable performance in any setting.

Sensitive Miniature Hidden Recorder

Experience the ultimate discretion with our smallest voice recorder hidden spy, designed to be hidden anywhere on your person for covert recording.

Efficient for Hiding on Person

Our spy-hidden voice recorder is crafted to blend seamlessly into your surroundings, allowing for discreet recording without drawing attention.

Remarkable Playback Sound

Enjoy crisp and clear playback of your recordings with our spy voice activated recorder, ensuring every detail is captured accurately.

Discrete and Stealthy Design

The voice recorder device spy features a sleek and unassuming design, making it indistinguishable from an ordinary USB flash drive.

Operated by Voice Command

Effortlessly control the voice recorder spy device using voice commands, providing hands-free operation for added convenience.

Cool and Sleek Design

Stand out with our spy USB voice recorder, featuring a modern and stylish design that complements any lifestyle.

Up to 48 Hours Recording Time

Capture extensive audio recordings with our voice recorder, offering a generous recording time of up to 48 hours.

Large Frequency Wave Band

Our spy hidden voice recorder boasts a wide frequency wave band, ensuring it captures high-quality audio across various sound ranges.

Captures Audio up to 10 Meters

Enjoy enhanced recording capabilities with our spy voice activated recorder, capable of capturing audio from a distance of up to 10 meters.

Pause Deletion Feature

Easily manage your recordings with the spy digital voice recorder, allowing you to delete pauses and silence when transferring files to your computer.

Low Power Consumption

Our voice recorder spy device consumes minimal power while delivering maximum audio output, ensuring long-lasting performance with each use.

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Stay powered up and ready to record with the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery of our spy usb voice recorder, providing reliable energy for extended recording sessions.

Our Mini USB Flash Drive Spy Voice Recorder offers a comprehensive solution for discreet and efficient audio recording in various scenarios. Whether you need to capture important meetings, lectures, or personal memos, this device delivers exceptional performance with its compact design, advanced features, and long-lasting battery life. Upgrade your recording experience today with our innovative spy voice recorder device.


  • High-quality recording
  • Good battery life
  • Up to 7 hours of continuous recording
  • Digital sound
  • Small and lightweight (19 g)
  • Portable
  • Great for work and school
  • Sensitive miniature hidden recorder
  • Efficient for hiding in person
  • Remarkable playback sound
  • Discrete and stealthy design
  • Operated by voice command
  • Cool and sleek design
  • Up to 48 hours of recording time
  • Large frequency wave band
  • Captures audio up to 10 meters
  • Pause deletion feature
  • Low power consumption
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery



  • Size: 70mm x 21mm x 9.4mm
  • OS support: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7/8/10
  • Audio file format: WAV
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion


    • 1 x Use manual
    • 1 x USB Digital Audio Recorder