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Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI

Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
Spy Camera Powerbank LawMate 2K WIFI
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Powerbank Spy Camera 2K LawMate High-End Covert Device

In covert surveillance, having a device that blends seamlessly into everyday life while providing top-notch performance is essential. The LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera achieves this with finesse. Combining high-grade quality, advanced technology, and practical design, this spy camera is a game-changer for personal and professional security needs. Let’s dive into the key features that make the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera the best choice on the market.

Portable Hidden Device - Record on the Go

The LawMate Mini Spy Camera is designed with portability in mind. Its lightweight and compact form factor makes it easy to carry around, ensuring you can record on the go without any hassle. Whether travelling, attending meetings, or simply going about your daily routine, this device can be discreetly slipped into a bag or pocket, allowing you to capture important moments anytime, anywhere.

Highest-Grade Quality - Best on the Market

Constructed with the highest-grade materials, the LawMate Wireless Camera stands out as the best on the market. Its robust build ensures durability and reliability, giving you peace of mind that it will perform consistently. This superior quality makes it an ideal choice for those who demand excellence in their surveillance tools.

WIFI Network Connection Support

Stay connected and in control with the Wi-Fi network connection support. This feature allows you to link the camera to your home or office Wi-Fi network, enabling seamless wireless monitoring. The Wi-Fi connectivity ensures you can access your camera’s feed in real-time, no matter where you are, providing a convenient and efficient surveillance solution.

LIVE Stream and Monitor Remotely with Smartphone App

The LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera allows you to live stream and monitor footage remotely through a dedicated smartphone app. Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app allows you to view real-time video feeds, adjust settings, and manage recordings directly from your phone. This remote monitoring capability ensures that you stay informed and in control, even when you’re away from the camera.

ULTRA HD 2K LIVE Streaming

Experience unparalleled video quality with ULTRA HD 2K live streaming. This feature ensures you capture every detail with stunning clarity, making it easier to identify faces, objects, and movements. Whether monitoring a room, recording an event, or gathering evidence, the 2K live streaming provides exceptional video quality that stands out.

Full HD 1920x1080P Recording

In addition to live streaming, the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera offers Full HD 1920x1080P recording. This high-definition recording capability ensures that all your footage is captured with excellent clarity and detail. Combining 2K live streaming and Full HD recording makes this camera a powerful tool for comprehensive surveillance.

Receive Alert Push Notifications from the Camera

Stay proactive with push alert notifications sent directly to your mobile device. The LawMate Home Security Camera has motion detection sensors that trigger alerts whenever movement is detected. These real-time notifications allow you to respond quickly to potential security threats, enhancing your safety and security.

Motion Detection Sensor

Efficiency is key in surveillance, and the motion detection sensor ensures you capture only relevant footage. The camera begins recording automatically when motion is detected, conserving storage space and focusing on critical moments. This intelligent functionality makes the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera an effective tool for monitoring specific areas or capturing unexpected events.

Loop Recording Function

Take advantage of every moment with the loop recording function. This feature ensures continuous recording by overwriting the oldest footage when the memory card reaches its capacity. Loop recording guarantees you always have the most recent footage available, providing an uninterrupted record of events without manual intervention.

Memory Card Storage Support

The LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera supports memory card storage, allowing you to expand its capacity significantly. Using a high-capacity micro sd card, you can store hours of high-quality footage with up to 64GB supported capacity. This feature is handy for long-term surveillance, ensuring that you have ample storage space to keep a backlog of essential videos.

Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera offers flexibility and convenience. The powerful 4500mAH battery ensures the camera can operate even in locations without a constant power source. Whether you’re on the move or in a situation where plugging in is not an option, the rechargeable battery provides continuous operation. Recharge the battery when needed to keep your surveillance going.

Practical Applications of the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera

The versatility of the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are some practical uses:

Home Security Monitoring

Enhance your home security using the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera to monitor entrances, living spaces, or other critical areas. Its discreet design ensures it remains unnoticed, providing covert surveillance to keep your home safe.

Office Safety Monitoring

Keep an eye on your office environment with this inconspicuous camera. Whether monitoring employee activities or securing sensitive areas, the WIFI Spy Camera Powerbank provides reliable and discreet surveillance.

Personal Safety and Evidence Recording

Carrying the Wireless Spy Camera Powerbank can provide an extra layer of security for personal safety, especially during commutes or in potentially dangerous situations. It captures everything around you, offering peace of mind and valuable evidence if needed.

Undercover Investigations and Proof Footage

The Best Spy Camera is invaluable for private investigators or law enforcement professionals conducting undercover operations. Its ability to blend in with everyday items ensures that you can gather information without raising suspicion.

The LawMate Hidden Camera is a powerful, versatile surveillance tool combining advanced technology and practical design. Its array of features, including highest-grade quality, WIFI network connection support, ULTRA HD 2K live streaming, Full HD 1920x1080P recording, motion detection sensor, and more, make it the ultimate choice for covert surveillance. Whether enhancing home security, monitoring your office, ensuring personal safety, or conducting undercover investigations, this spy camera delivers reliable and high-quality performance.

Invest in the LawMate Spy Powerbank Camera today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a powerful and discreet security tool. With superior quality and advanced features, this camera is the perfect solution for all your surveillance needs.


  • Portable and Lightweight - Record on the Go
  • Highest-Grade Quality - Best on the Market
  • WIFI Network Connection Support
  • LIVE Stream and Monitor Remotely Smartphone App
  • ULTRA HD 2K LIVE Streaming
  • Full HD 1920x1080P Recording
  • Receive Alert Push Notifications from the Camera
  • Motion Detection Sensor
  • Loop Recording Function
  • Memory Card Storage Support
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080P (Recording) 30FPS
  • Sensor Resolution: 2592 x 1944P
  • Image Sensor: 1.2" Progressive CMOS Sensor
  • Focal length: 3.7mm
  • Angle of View: 70°
  • Interface Type: USB 2.0
  • Micro SD Card Support: Up to 64GB
  • Recording Time: Up to 600 minutes (WIFI OFF)
  • Battery Capacity: 4500mAH


  • 1 x Power Bank Camera
  • 1 x Micro SD Card 16GB
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual / User Guide

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