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4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia

4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia
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4K Spy Camera Calculator with WiFi

Embark on a journey into the forefront of surveillance technology with the 4K Wireless Calculator Spy Camera, a device that seamlessly transforms into a spy camera, nanny cam, mini spy camera, secret camera, hidden spy camera, mini wifi camera, security camera, surveillance camera, hidden cameras, nanny cameras, wifi spy camera, mini wifi camera, and even a spy camera with audio. This comprehensive exploration will delve into the myriad capabilities of this groundbreaking technology, designed to meet and exceed your security needs at every level.

Operational Simplicity

At the heart of this technological marvel lies operational simplicity, ensuring accessibility for users with varying technical expertise. Mathematical buttons serve dual purposes: shortcuts to access covert features quickly. A simple press and hold of the square root button activates spy mode, unlocking the full potential of this versatile surveillance tool. Seamlessly transitioning between roles, whether functioning as a security camera, surveillance camera, or discreet hidden camera, it offers unparalleled flexibility to address your specific security needs.

Capturing Every Detail

Beyond its mathematical prowess, the 4K Hidden Calculator Cam effortlessly captures the nuances of daily life. The +/- button provides a swift means for snapshots, while the -/+ button initiates video recording, transforming the device into a mini wifi camera ready to document any situation. Boasting an impressive 120 minutes of video recording time and the ability to capture 300 images, this device ensures no detail escapes its lens, providing comprehensive coverage for all your security requirements.

4K Spy Camera Calculator WIFI Secret Cam Australia

Seamless Data Management

Designed with user convenience, the spy calculator camera integrates seamlessly with your computer via a USB cable for efficient content management. Reviewing and downloading captured content becomes a breeze, and the built-in memory eliminates the need for constant battery changes. Recharging is effortless through the mini USB charging port, ensuring the device remains ever-ready for action. Beyond being a simple security camera, its wifi capabilities make it a hidden camera with wifi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected and in control, regardless of your location.

Workplace Surveillance Excellence:

Tailored for workplace surveillance, the calculator secret camera combines functionality with discreet recording. Operating as a fully functional calculator, it silently records up to 10 hours of footage on its 8 GB internal memory. With a crystal-clear resolution of 1920 x 1080p, it serves flawlessly as a security and surveillance camera. Adding a spy camera with audio further amplifies its capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for evidence collection in professional settings.

Effortless Playback and Compatibility:

The allure of the 4K Wireless Secret Calculator Recorder extends to its effortless playback and universal compatibility. Plug the device into your computer for seamless playback or transfer files to your preferred storage. The versatility of this wifi spy camera extends to compatibility with both Mac OS and Windows, ensuring a flexible user experience tailored to your preferences.

A Blend of Covert Capabilities:

This device masterfully blends covert capabilities with the functional facade of a standard calculator. It transcends the realm of being a mere mini wifi camera; it's a spy camera with audio, making it an ideal companion for meetings, home, the office, and beyond. Its discreet appearance ensures that no one will suspect you're utilizing a Spy Recorder, whether a nanny cam or a security camera.

Innovation in Security:

The 4K Wireless Secret Calculator Recorder is a testament to innovation in a world where security and surveillance are paramount. Its multifunctional design, intuitive operation, and compatibility with various operating systems make it indispensable for those prioritizing safety and evidence collection.

The Future of Surveillance Technology:

Do not compromise on your security and surveillance needs. Elevate your capabilities with the Wireless Calculator Camera, offering a versatile and discreet solution. Order yours today and experience the power of covert surveillance like never before.

As technology and security needs continue to evolve, trust in the innovation embedded within this surveillance marvel to keep you ahead of the curve. The 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera is not just a device; it's a testament to the fusion of functionality and discretion, ensuring you have the tools needed to navigate an ever-changing world.

Embrace the Future with Confidence:

Embrace the future of surveillance with confidence, knowing that the 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera is your comprehensive ally in safeguarding what matters most. In a landscape where security challenges are dynamic, trust this surveillance marvel to adapt and exceed expectations. As the cornerstone of technological evolution, the 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera is not just a device—it's a promise of security, innovation, and peace of mind.

The Unparalleled Capabilities Unveiled:

The unparalleled capabilities of the 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera extend beyond its covert functionalities. As an intelligent companion in the realm of surveillance, it caters to the diverse needs of users, providing not just security but an experience that blends seamlessly into everyday life. Its ability to capture, record, and adapt positions it as a groundbreaking tool that transcends traditional boundaries, redefining what is possible in surveillance technology.

Addressing Varied Security Concerns:

The 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera emerges as a versatile solution in a world of multifaceted security concerns. Whether you are a concerned parent, a business professional seeking workplace surveillance, or an individual prioritizing personal security, this device caters to diverse scenarios. Its adaptability ensures that it meets and exceeds expectations, addressing the nuanced security concerns of our rapidly evolving society.

Realizing the Potential:

The realization of the full potential of the 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera lies in its ability to go beyond being a mere gadget. It becomes an integral part of your security strategy, a silent guardian that captures moments, records vital information, and adapts to various environments seamlessly. Its discreet design and intuitive operation make it more than just a device—it becomes an extension of your vigilance and a promise of enhanced security.

Continuing the Legacy:

As we navigate the future of surveillance technology, the legacy of the 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera is a benchmark. It meets current security demands and sets the stage for future innovations. Its ability to blend functionality with discretion ensures that it remains relevant and effective, redefining the surveillance landscape and setting new standards for what users can expect from their security devices.

A Journey into the Future:

In conclusion, the 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera is more than a device; it is a journey into the future of surveillance. Its comprehensive capabilities, seamless operation, and adaptability to varied security needs stand as a testament to the potential of technology to enhance our safety and security.

As you confidently embrace the future, let this marvel be your guide—a guardian that protects and empowers you in an ever-evolving world. Order your 4K Wireless Spy Calculator Camera today and step into a new era of surveillance technology, where innovation and security converge to redefine what is possible.


  • 4K Video resolution 2306x1296P, 1920x1080P
  • Records Video + Audio p to 120 minutes
  • Pinhole lens video/camera
  • Watch remotely on your phone from anywhere, anytime
  • FREE Android and iOS APP
  • Remote Live Video
  • Compatible with Android devices and iPhones, iPads
  • It looks like an ordinary calculator - 100% undetectable.
  • Start the spy mode by holding down the square root button.
  • Press the +/- button once to take a picture.
  • Hold down the +/- switch to start a video.
  • Suitable for home and office use
  • Rechargeable battery (plug into a USB slot to recharge the battery)
  • Built-in microphone to record audio.
  • Playback Video files on PC
  • The camera will operate in low-level lighting
  • It can be used as a calculator



  • Video format: AVI
  • WIFI - wireless connection
  • Video resolution: true 4K 1296P,  HD 1080P
  • Image format: JPEG
  • Image resolution: 12Mpx
  • Typical microphone range: 3 meters
  • Type of camera: pinhole fixed camera
  • Calculator power source: solar panels or AA batteries
  • Battery type: 150Mah lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 17.2cm x 16.5cm x 4cm (6.9in x 6.3in x 1.6in)


  • 1 x camera calculator
  • 1 x USB cable charger
  • 1 x Manual

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