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Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision

Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision
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4G Hidden Camera With Remote Live View

The importance of security and surveillance has become increasingly evident in our interconnected and fast-paced world, where technological advancements have a significant impact on our daily routines. It is of utmost importance to have a trustworthy and unobtrusive spy camera that can ensure privacy in both personal and workplace settings.

Innovative Surveillance

We are delighted to present the 4G Hidden Camera, an innovative surveillance solution that seamlessly merges advanced technology with a subtle appearance, catering to the rising demand for such products. This device represents the ultimate choice for individuals who wish to strengthen their security measures while ensuring utmost discretion.

Professional Spy Camera Motion activated Night Vision

Remote Live View

The 4G Hidden Camera's Remote Live View capability is one of its most impressive features. This feature goes beyond traditional surveillance methods, giving users the ability to access the camera's feed on their smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world in real time. 

Whether you're busy with work, travelling for business or pleasure, or simply in another room, having the ability to monitor your space remotely provides a great sense of security. The 4G Hidden Camera ensures that you don't miss any detail, providing an exceptional level of nanny cam surveillance.

Enhancing Surveillance with Precision Sound

The 4G Hidden Camera acknowledges the importance of audio surveillance as a crucial aspect of comprehensive monitoring. With its built-in microphone, this camera excels in capturing high-fidelity audio along with visual footage, providing a complete spy camera with audio experience. 

This combined audio-visual feature is handy in scenarios where both visual and auditory information is necessary for ensuring security and peace of mind. Whether you are monitoring a conversation or recording ambient sounds, the 4G Hidden Camera offers a comprehensive solution for all audio-visual needs.

A Rechargeable Revolution

Bid farewell to the inconvenience of frequently replacing batteries, as the 4G Hidden Camera is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. This innovative feature ensures uninterrupted operation and relieves users from the recurring financial burden of purchasing new batteries. 

Additionally, incorporating a rechargeable battery seamlessly aligns with sustainable practices, reducing electronic waste and highlighting the 4G Hidden Camera's commitment to environmental responsibility. This considerate design decision enhances the user experience and demonstrates a dedication to preserving the environment.

SIM Card Operation

The 4G Hidden Camera is an innovative device that stands out from its competitors by offering SIM card functionality. By simply inserting a compatible SIM card into the recorder, users can enjoy independent operation without the need for Wi-Fi or external networks. 

This game-changer feature enhances security measures and ensures uninterrupted monitoring, even in remote or off-grid locations. As a result, the 4G Hidden Camera is at the forefront of covert surveillance technology. Whether you need to monitor a remote cabin, a construction site, or any location without reliable Wi-Fi, the 4G Hidden Camera is a reliable and trustworthy security guardian.

The Pinhole Lens Design

The 4G Hidden Camera has a defining feature of a discreet design that effectively addresses concealment with finesse. Its pinhole lens design ensures that the tiny lens remains nearly invisible, allowing the camera to blend in effortlessly with its surroundings.

Whether positioned within a bookshelf, integrated into furniture, or carefully concealed in an unobtrusive location, the pinhole lens guarantees that the camera remains undetected, providing users with the covert capabilities they need. This meticulous attention to design ensures that the camera is functional and emphasises the importance of discretion in surveillance applications.

Capturing Every Detail with Precision

The 4G Hidden Camera provides an exceptional surveillance experience with its exceptional 4K video resolution. This level of video clarity ensures that users receive highly detailed and vivid footage, leaving nothing to the imagination.

The camera's 4K video resolution captures every minute detail with unprecedented precision, making it an ideal choice for monitoring homes, offices, or personal spaces. The high standards demanded by those who need secret camera surveillance with 4K resolution enhance the visual experience and ensure that all critical details are always captured accurately.

Micro SD Recording

The 4G Hidden Camera not only supports real-time streaming but also allows Micro SD recording. This feature enables users to save their surveillance footage locally on a micro SD card for future review. 

Those who desire to keep an organized archive of their spy camera for home data or unexpected network disruptions will find this feature extremely useful. It ensures that no crucial information is lost. The flexibility provided by local storage offers an additional layer of convenience for users who need to access footage without depending on internet connectivity.

Discreet Design in Any Environment

The consistency of the 4G Hidden Camera's design is discreet, with a minimalist aesthetic and compact size that allows it to blend seamlessly into any environment. Its small profile ensures it remains unnoticed, providing high-quality mini spy camera surveillance while maintaining privacy and aesthetic harmony. 

This flexibility makes it an adaptable and versatile solution for a variety of security and surveillance needs, as it can be easily integrated into different environments.

Fortifying Security with Unparalleled Capabilities

The 4G Hidden Camera is the perfect solution for advanced and discreet surveillance technology, addressing the rising security concerns in personal and professional domains. With features such as Remote Live View, a built-in microphone for audio surveillance, a rechargeable battery, SIM card operation for independence from external networks, a pinhole lens design ensuring discreet placement, 4K video resolution for crystal-clear imagery, and Micro SD recording for flexible data storage, this covert recorder offers no compromise. 

Its seamless integration into diverse environments, whether a home, office or personal space, coupled with sustainability considerations, makes the 4G Hidden Camera an effective tool in fortifying security and providing peace of mind. In a time where privacy is crucial, the 4G Hidden Camera goes beyond traditional surveillance, offering comprehensive security solutions. 

The device's discreet design and cutting-edge capabilities, such as a spy camera with audio and mini wifi camera functionality, ensure it remains undetected while delivering unparalleled performance. Whether safeguarding your home or ensuring the confidentiality of your office, the 4G Hidden Camera is an innovative, adaptable, and reliable solution in the ever-evolving landscape of security technology.


  • Motion-triggered Camera
  • PIR Triggered Recording - Human Body Detection
  • No Glow Invisible Night Vision
  • Vibration-triggered Camera
  • 160 degree wide angle lens
  • Voice-triggered Camera
  • DATE/TIME Stamp
  • Optional MUTE recording
  • up to 4 months working in standby mode ( in PIR/ Vibration trigger mode with power saving model)
  • up to 24 hours of continuous recording with a built-in battery
  • 7 Days Circular Schedule Recording
  • Non-overlapping 64 hours of video
    1GB memory can record up to 1 hour of video. Records more than 64 hours of video by using 64GB microSD.
  • Record even little movement detected
  • Record your driving for accident evidence.


  • House
  • Office, factory
  • Driving Recording
  • Night Vision Recording



Recording time

max 10 hours (with a fully charged battery)

Standby time

max 90 days (in vibration triggering power saving mode with a fully charged battery)

Sensor resolution

1280 x 960p

Sensor sensitivity

0 Lux, Night vision 940Nm Invisible

Sensor viewing angle



speech grade

Memory card supported

 supports up to 64GB micro SD card

Memory usage

15 minutes/GB (high frame rate)


1 hour/GB (low frame rate)

Video recording resolution

HD 720p (1280x720) or 360p (640x360)

Video compression


Voice recording

12kSps, 8bit

Voice compression


File format



Mass storage device

OS supported

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1,10 Mac OS X


  • 1 x Hidden Camera
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 X CD


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