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Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder

Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
Tissue Box Camera Wireless Hidden Recorder
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Tissue Box Camera With Live View

In the ever-vigilant world of surveillance, the Tissue Box Spy Camera stands as an unassuming guardian, ready to reveal the concealed truths within your office or any space where discreet monitoring is imperative. This hidden camera, disguised as an ordinary tissue box, captures every detail precisely with its remarkable resolution options of 1080P, 720P, and 480P.. Let's unravel the extraordinary capabilities of the H.264 1080P WiFi/IP P2P Tissue Box Mini Camera with a 2000mAh Battery, a revolutionary piece of covert surveillance technology.

The Perfect Deception

The brilliance of the Tissue Box Spy Camera lies in its ability to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. To the unsuspecting eye, it appears as nothing more than a standard tissue box. However, beneath this ordinary exterior lies a powerful recording device with a rechargeable 2000mAh battery.

The camera operates inconspicuously, capable of recording even while charging, ensuring that no suspicious activity goes unnoticed. The covert nature of this hidden spy camera ensures that it remains undetected, making it the perfect tool for safeguarding your office space.

Tissue Box Camera With Live View

High-Resolution Surveillance

Capturing vital moments requires clarity, and the Tissue Box Nanny Camera delivers just that. With options for recording in 1080P, 720P, and 480P resolutions, this mini spy camera guarantees sharp and detailed footage. The 90-degree lens provides a clear and precise view of the surroundings, ensuring that every frame is a testament to its high-quality recording capabilities.

Seamless Connectivity

The Tissue Box Nanny Cam embraces the future of surveillance with its wireless functionality. Supporting VLC and SM player software, this hidden camera seamlessly integrates into your preferred viewing platform. You can effortlessly access live viewing and monitor your space in real time from anywhere, whether you have an Android phone, tablet, or iPhone.

Audio Precision

Beyond just visual surveillance, the Tissue Box Camera extends its capabilities to audio recording. This secret camera precisely captures the visuals and sounds within its vicinity, covering an approximate sound recording range of 5 square meters. This feature adds a layer of security, allowing you to monitor both the seen and the heard.

Expandable Memory

Equipped with the capability to support a 32GB external memory card, the Tissue Box Spy Camera provides ample storage for your recorded footage. This ensures you can capture and retain significant data, allowing extended surveillance periods without frequent data transfers.

Live View on Multiple Platforms

The Tissue Box Wifi Spy Camera goes beyond mere recording; it offers versatility in viewing. Ensure you stay connected and in control by accessing live view on your Android phones, tablets, and iPhones. The convenience of real-time monitoring adds an invaluable layer to your security cameras, especially in critical situations.

Elevate Your Surveillance Game

The Tissue Box Spy Camera is not just a recording device but a silent sentinel, always on guard to unveil the concealed truths within your office or designated space. Its discreet design, high-resolution recording, and versatile connectivity options place it at the forefront of covert surveillance technology. Empower your security protocols and entrust the Tissue Box Spy Camera to elevate your surveillance game, capturing every detail with precision and recording every moment.


  • Watch Live Video on your phone ( Android, iPhone)
  • Continuously record on the SD card
  • WIFI IP P2P connection
  • Watch the live video on mobiles and computer
  • Free Applications for mobile phones for remote monitoring
  • Get the motion detector alarm anywhere and anytime
  • Record video even charging
  • Multiple functions in one device: video recording, sound recording, motion recording, photographing etc.


  • AVI video format
  • JPG image format
  • Resolutions of the video are 1080P/720P
  • 90-degree lens angle
  • Even work while charging
  • Support all OS Android, iPhone
  • Supports Micro SD memory card Recording
  • 4 hours charging time
  • Build-in rechargeable Li-battery
  • Wireless distance less than 30m
  • USB type interface  


  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x charger
  • 1 x User manual

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