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WIFI USB Hub Station Spy Camera Wireless Charger 24/7

WIFI USB Hub Station Spy Camera Wireless Charger 24/7
WIFI USB Hub Station Spy Camera Wireless Charger 24/7
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WIFI USB Hub Station Spy Camera Wireless Charger 24/7
WIFI USB Hub Station Spy Camera Wireless Charger 24/7
WIFI USB Hub Station Spy Camera Wireless Charger 24/7
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  • Model: VIM-HUBCAM2

WIFI Spy Camera USB Hub Station

Enter the future of charging, convenience, and covert surveillance with the WIFI Spy Camera USB Hub Station. This multifunctional device is not just a USB hub; it's a powerhouse equipped with a wireless charger and a discreet hidden camera, offering an all-in-one solution for power, productivity, and security. Let's explore the groundbreaking capabilities of this innovative product that seamlessly blends cutting-edge features with a sleek design.

Versatile Charging Hub: A Powerhouse Unleashed

The USB Hub Station emerges as a versatile powerhouse with many ports, catering to all your charging needs. Bid farewell to tangled cables and limited charging capabilities, as this hub station allows you to power on and charge multiple devices simultaneously with its numerous USB ports. From smartphones and tablets to smartwatches and gaming accessories, this hub station has you covered, ensuring you stay connected without compromise.

WIFI USB Hub Station Spy Camera Wireless Charger 24/7

Effortless Wireless Charging: The Freedom of Cordless Power

The Mini Spy Camera has a built-in wireless charger, recognising the convenience and freedom of wireless charging. Place your mobile phone on the charging pad and witness the magic of wireless charging unfold. Say goodbye to cable entanglement and compatibility concerns. The LED light indicator indicates the charging status and detects any foreign objects on the pad.

Hidden Camera for Comprehensive Monitoring

Its secret camera, seamlessly integrated into its sleek design, sets this USB Hub Station apart. This wifi spy camera is the ideal solution for those who prioritize security, offering continuous 24/7 monitoring capabilities to ensure the safety of your home, office, or any space that holds significance for you.

Remote Accessibility and Smart Alerts

No longer confined to physical presence for monitoring, the USB Hub Station's hidden spy camera allows remote access from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. The companion app facilitates a seamless connection to the security camera, providing real-time alerts directly to your phone. Stay informed about unexpected events or suspicious activities, even miles away.

Crystal-Clear HD Footage

The mini wifi camera captures footage in stunning Full HD 1080p quality, guaranteeing crystal-clear details. Whether monitoring your home office or ensuring personal security, this Nanny Cam ensures premium video recording that captures every crucial moment. Trust in its exceptional video quality to provide the evidence you might need in unforeseen circumstances.

Remote Playback and Live Viewing

The USB Hub Station's companion app takes convenience further, allowing you to remotely access and playback recorded footage directly from your mobile device. Review critical moments or suspicious activities on the go, and watch the live feed in real-time. Stay connected to your space, even when you're physically distant.

The USB Hub Station with a Wireless Charger and Nanny Camera is the perfect blend of functionality and security. From its versatile charging capabilities and convenient wireless charging to advanced surveillance camera features, this device caters to your everyday needs while offering unparalleled surveillance options. Trust in its high-definition recording, remote accessibility, and real-time alerts to keep you connected and in control. Embrace the power of this remarkable device and experience a new level of convenience, security, and peace of mind.


  • 24/7 Operation and Recording Time
  • WIFI Connection - Connect Remotely using your Mobile Phone (Android / iOS)
  • Remotely Access and Monitor the Device with LIVE VIEW Support
  • Receive Alert Pop-Up Notifications on your Mobile phone
  • USB Charging Station - Continuous Recording 24/7
  • Front Hidden Camera Lens for Discrete Monitoring
  • Safe Wireless Mobile Phone Charger - Overcharging Prevention
  • Universal Standard Socket Ports
  • LED Indication Red & Blue Lights - Charging Status
  • Non-Slip Silicone Design for Wireless Charger Surface
  • Day-Time Motion Detection Sensor - Sends Alert Notification
  • Continuous FULL HD 1080p Recording / Streaming
  • H.264 30FPS Recording Format
  • Loop Recording
  • Time / Date Stamp Feature
  • Built-in 32GB Memory


  • Video Compression: H.264, JPEG
  • File Format: MOV, JPG
  • Video Recording Resolution: 1920x1080p 30FPS
  • Memory Card Support: 32GB
  • Wireless Charging Support: 5W, 7.5W, 10W
  • USB Total Output: 5V 2.4A
  • Rater Power: 2500W
  • Voltage: 250V
  • Current: 10A
  • Power Cable Length: 1m
  • Dimensions: 98mm (H) * 145mm (L) * 85mm (W)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x USB Hub Camera
  • 1 x User Manual / User Guide

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