Hidden Cameras Detector Anti Spy Phone Finder Australia

Hidden Cameras Detector Anti Spy Phone Finder Australia

Wireless Bugs Detector : Spy cameras, listening devices, GPS trackers.


It has a many ways to select the type of mode that you want. You can have a sound mode, vibration mode, acoustic mode, guard mode, and silent mode.It also has a headphone port so that you can detect spy equipment anywhere and can adjust the volume with ease. you can adjust the sensitivity on it to make it heavier or lighter. It has a 10m working range. it detects GSM 900 - CDMA 850 - GSM 1800 - 3 G 2100 and 4G. it is extremely effective counter surveillance software.

You would never expect to find a camera in work or in a bathroom somewhere and it is very easily hidden with a spy camera. That's why you need a bug detector to find the spy cameras. It is also a wireless tap detector with 10 levels of LED lights blinking to alarm you of hidden software. It is a very lightweight and Tiny and includes every type of device you need to get started finding hidden bugs.

The wireless radio frequency signal detector is used to send the video and sound through the device with electromagnetic wave technology. It is made to find the radio frequency signal and get the location of the Hidden bug device. It's very easy to control anyone can do it with a simple click of a button and a very bright LED screen. This makes it a lot more simple for anyone to utilize.

Welcome to the highly effective .Spy Camera and Detector of Hidden Bugs and Wireless Mobile Phone Finder Device Sweeper.It is part of our 4G professional series. the technology has gotten so much better in the last few years that using radio frequency signal technology is also being used more often.

  • business negotiations
  • Detects  wireless cameras in the restaurants, hotels , public toilets, swimming
    pools , dressing room, etc;
  • Personal privacy
  • Wireless Tap Detector
  • 10 Level LED Indicator
  • Sound and LED Light Alarm
  • Small and Portable
    Includes everything you need to get started
  • Frequency use of bank cards populations



  • High precisely to locate the wireless signal source.
  • Working with selectable types of working modes. ( Silence Mode, Sound Mode,Vibration Mode, Acoustic Mode, Guard Mode )
  • Headphone support to listen silently
  • Weight of 145g.
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Detecting frequency range:20-5000MHz
  • Detection sensitivity:-70dBm
  • Dynamic Range:70dB Interference frequency : GSM 900/CDMA 850/GSM 1800&1900/3G/4G LTE
  • Interference Range : 10M Working Mode : 6 types
  • Size:136*80*25mm Device weight:145g
  • Sensitivity adjustment in the range of 60dB, 1dB step
  • LED indicator display



  • ·  1 x Charger
  • ·  1 x User manual
  •    1 x Headphones
  • ·  1 x Detector


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